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What if the driver's license gets 12 points? It can be cleared like this!

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Car owners know

On the driver's license 12 How precious are points

Accidentally run a red light ,6 There's no point

When the driver's license is full 12 Score or exceed

What to do ?

Don't panic.

2 A zero clearing method , Help you with ~



Let's talk about how the driver's license is full 12 branch

Even more than 24 What should be done with points


Take the full mark study exam

The scoring cycle of motor vehicle driver's license is 12 Months , If you're fully deducted in a scoring cycle 12 branch , must  15 Days. Go to the traffic management department for a period of  7 God   Road traffic safety laws 、 Laws and regulations and related knowledge learning , In the end 1 Take the exam at the end of the day , Return the motor vehicle driver's license after passing the examination , The original deduction points are cleared  . If it exceeds 15 I haven't taken the initiative to apply for the study examination for days , Your driver's license will be automatically cancelled .

The above is for remembering 12 No more than 23 The situation of points , Once the violation score reaches 24 branch , You should not only attend 7 Day's study , Take a safety knowledge test , I have to go again Take the exam for subject three , Both passed , The points deducted will be cleared .

Yes, of course , The epidemic period is not more than usual , Some areas need to suspend the driver's test due to epidemic prevention and control 、 Verify the full score of on-site education , The public security traffic control department will uniformly cancel the applied reservation , And adjust the exam 、 Education plan , adopt “ Traffic management 12123” mobile phone APP、 SMS 、 Inform the masses by announcement, etc , And the handling will be postponed according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control .


Cross cycle processing

Cross cycle processing can only be applied to   Single point deduction does not reach 12 branch   The use of , One violation will be detained 12 Points or even 24 branch , Can only honestly take part in study and examination .

according to 《 Regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people's Republic of China 》 Article 24 provides that : The motor vehicle driver's score does not reach... In a scoring cycle 12 branch , The fine has been paid , The score is cleared ; The score is not reached 12 branch , but   There are still fines unpaid , Scoring goes to the next scoring cycle  .


Fill up 12 What else does the score affect


If your driver's license is   Apply for additional driving  , There were   Fill up 12 Sub record   Of , be   Can't continue to drive  , Even if you pass all the driving tests for the corresponding model , The vehicle management office will not issue certificates .

according to 《 Regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license 》 Article 15 : Have a motor vehicle driver's license , Apply to increase the number of permitted driving models , It shall not be filled in this scoring cycle and the latest scoring cycle before application 12 Sub record .


Warm reminder

Xiao Bao also solemnly reminds you , Buying and selling driver's license is   It is illegal to   Of !

Try not to go to crowded places in extraordinary times , Reduce the chance of cross infection , Do a good job of safety protection ~

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