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Equipped with 2.0T + 8at, the wheelbase exceeds 3M, and the new joint venture big seven has made a comeback 15 years later. Do you have a chance this time?

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【 When you have a car A real photo of a new car 】 The three child policy came out , For longer than silent MPV The market has injected a wave of running water , And this also makes major auto brands realize MPV The importance of models for them to seize more market share in the Chinese market , So they have accelerated their pace , Launch your own new products for this segment .


Kia realm , Undoubtedly, it has attracted more attention recently MPV models . As Kia's classic flagship MPV models , It is loved by the majority of consumers in the Korean and American markets , However, it was once cold at home and finally chose to quit . And this time , Through domestic MPV The market is hot , It returns again with full sincerity , To impress Chinese consumers , Can it do it ?

New car key information

1. Adopt a new design language , Fashionable and recognizable
2. From the third generation independently developed by Kia i-GMP platform
3. Super conductor 5 rice , Wheelbase exceeding 3 rice ,7 Seat space layout
4. Electric sliding doors on both sides + Electric tail gate + Magic trunk

New design language , Create a sharp eye attractor

“ Your appearance determines whether I want to understand your inner , And your inner is absolute, whether I will veto your outer .” I think this sentence is very good , For the new era that has gradually become the mainstream of consumption “ Baby daddy ” Come on , Appearance is an indispensable factor affecting their car purchase .


Kia Jiahua naturally understands this , It took some effort in modeling design . aesthetic , Kia Jiahua adopts the latest design language , Front face inverted ladder diamond mesh grid and LED The headlights are integrated , Plus the use of many horizontal lines , Widens the horizontal visual effect of the whole front face , Visually, it gives people a kind of SUV The instant vision of the front of the car .


The body side , Jiahua design combines MPV and SUV Two models , From the side, it feels like a crossover car . The outline of the car body is designed with edges and corners , Supplemented by balanced body proportion and smooth body lines , The slender figure is ready to come out , At the same time, it brings a good visual beauty .

Visually from the side , Kia Jiahua's body feel ratio GL8 Take a big turn , But the actual body size is smaller than the latter , On the contrary, it is very close to Toyota Saina, which is about to go on sale in mass production . The length, width and height of the new car have reached 5155x1995x1775mm, The wheelbase is 3090mm.



Compared with the strong visual impact brought by the front face , The tail design is relatively regular . But thanks to the most popular penetration LED Tail lights , And new brands Logo Blessing , It has a very high degree of recognition . Whenever night falls , In the rolling traffic , You can easily find its shadow .

The workmanship is made of fine materials , Rich configuration

interiors , Kia Jiahua adopts the same design style as the overseas models , Simple and fashionable 、 A sense of technology is its main style . Each functional area has a clear division of labor , The layout is regular , The visual effect is brilliant . Besides , from 12.3 Inch central control screen and 12.3 Integrated large screen composed of inch LCD instrument panel , A sense of technology .


Unfortunately , The actual shooting failed to fully experience the new vehicle and machine system it is equipped with , You can only see its primary menu . however , According to officials , Kia Jiahua will match Baidu internet entertainment 3.0 Car engine system , Support rear seat intelligent speech recognition 、 Baidu navigation 、 Remote control 、 Entertainment video and other functions .


secondly , As a benchmarking Odyssey 、GL8、 Saina's MPV models , Kia Jiahua is also unambiguous in terms of materials for workmanship . The whole car uses leather in a large area 、 Soft material 、 Wood grain jacquard veneer and other materials , The whole interior looks very textured . In terms of interior texture , No more than any old brand on the market MPV Weak model .

 picture  picture  picture

Extremely rich configuration is another highlight of Jiahua , The new car provides two-sided electric sliding doors 、 Double skylights 、 The first and second row seats are ventilated and heated 、 Electric seat adjustment 、 Steering wheel heating 、 Automatic parking 、 Paddle shift 、 Electric tail gate 、 The boss pressed the button 、360 Reversing image and other configurations .

 picture  picture

Besides , From the auto cruise assist key on the multi-function steering wheel , It can be predicted that this generation of Jiahua will carry L2 Level II intelligent autopilot assistance system , It's just L2 The specific functions supported by the automatic driving assistance system are not disclosed yet , But what is certain is that it is at the same level MPV There are few models equipped with driver assistance system in .

 picture  picture On the other hand , It not only provides the wireless charging function of mobile phone , It also has a wealth of interior power interfaces , Front, middle and rear USB The number of interfaces is up to 7 individual , This is very rare in the same class . meanwhile , The second row and the rear compartment position provide 12V The power interface .

Flexible space , The third row has a surprise

From its body size data , We can already feel its size . And under its oversized size , Hidden is a flexible and changeable space . Of course , Flexible space , It's every one MPV All models have their own characteristics , But Jiahua in this regard , There are two intimate small details that are worth mentioning .

 picture  picture

First, its second row of independent seats can adjust the position from front to back, left to right , It also has four-way adjustable leg support , Can not only expand / Retract , And you can adjust the up and down position , This is of great help to help passengers find a more comfortable position when taking a seat , And this is the point of many peers at present MPV What the model can't provide .

 picture  picture  picture

Second, its third row of seats support equal proportion down , It can be laid down to form a very flat plane , So as to bring more spacious storage space . It is worth mentioning that , Its third row seats can be stowed in the trunk like Odyssey's third row seats . The only difference is that the former can only be put down as a whole , The latter can be put down alone , Greatly enhance the spatial flexibility .


Besides , Although designed to cater to the third row of seats , Its rear compartment adopts a special groove design , But the storage volume is still very considerable . Even if you run into a 7 The whole group went on a tour , Without putting down the third row of seats , The family's luggage can still be placed easily , There may even be a surplus .

i-GMP platform , Or blessing 2.0T power

The new generation Kia Jiahua is based on i-GMP Built from the third generation platform , In the future, the equipment carried by overseas models will be cancelled 3.5L V6 The engine , Instead, use Kia's latest Smartstream dynamic system , namely 2.0T+8AT powertrain . Its 2.0T The engine , It's mixed up 350bar Direct fuel injection system , Than T-GDi The engine 250bar The fuel injection pressure is higher than 40%.

 picture  picture

in addition , The engine is equipped with Kia's fourth generation CVVD technology , According to the official introduction , With the blessing of this technology , Engine performance improved 4%、 Increased fuel efficiency 5%、 Reduce exhaust emissions 12%. at present , The performance of the power assembly in Jiahua is unknown , But reference is also equipped with this powertrain K5 From keku's performance , It's still worth looking forward to .

Editor's summary

in summary , In terms of static product performance , The new generation of Jiahua is still worth looking forward to . Compared to Buick GL8、 Oldies like Odyssey MPV War will , It has a younger and more fashionable appearance , And the space is flexible , Rich configuration , These are the advantages of it compared with other cars at the same level . The quality price ratio has always been the advantage of Korean cars , therefore , I believe the new generation Kia Jiahua , It will also surprise consumers in terms of price .


As far as the market is concerned , Kia Jiahua's accession has further enriched the domestic market MPV Product matrix of the market , It brings consumers a new choice . But for it, which is not outstanding enough in domestic brand effect , In Toyota Saina 、 The Odyssey 、GL8 Wait for the environment surrounded by strong enemies , It's not easy to stand out , A long way to go .

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