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The old driver came to teach you how to refit yueku 150

2021-08-24 18:22:16 Oriental Information automobile

Ride yueku 150 Fans of this motorcycle should know , This motorcycle is a word in terms of power “ meat ”, So many motorcycle friends will refit this motorcycle . I'm very experienced here , Because Xiaobian's friend once had a yueku 150, It was born again under the modification of both of us .

Xiaobian, there are two ways , First, if you are not short of money , You can consider replacing a motorcycle , Buy a large displacement motorcycle . And yueku 150 You can put it at home , At the same level, the displacement is 150cc In my motorcycle , Yueku 150 It still has a certain hedging rate .

second , That is cylinder expansion . In real life , There are already many friends who have done this , You can see many such videos on the Internet . I saw a moyou EN150 The engine of the motorcycle has changed , Change the diameter of the cylinder liner to 6.2 centimeter , Just put the original 149cc The displacement of is changed to 180cc.EN150 Heyueku 150 The engine is exactly the same , since EN150 Can be modified , So cool 150 It's OK, too .

This method is very direct and effective , And it doesn't need any big changes , The price is also very low , You can also easily pass the annual inspection , You can consider using this method . Yueku 150 The inside diameter of the cylinder is 5.7 centimeter , We can buy our favorite cylinder liners in the repair shop , The price will not exceed 500 element , But the piston and piston ring should be bought well .

If you are refitting for the first time , You can invite professional maintenance personnel to carry out , After all, they specialize in this . After modification , You need to change the transmission ratio a little , So that the motorcycle can better match the increased horsepower .

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