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Lexus es changed its model to market. I heard that the price has increased? Strength or gimmick?

2021-08-24 18:22:19 Oriental Information automobile

lexus ES For some people, it is a very familiar old friend . No matter what action it has, it can attract a lot of attention . Recently, the new Lexus ES Officially enter the automobile market , The official guidance price range is 29.49-48.98 Ten thousand yuan . Yes 10 This model is for everyone to choose , Greatly meet the personalized needs of consumers . The lowest starting price of a new car is higher than that of the BMW three series 1000 element , Compared with the old model, it has increased by nearly 5000 yuan . As a mid - term change model , New Lexus ES What is the confidence to retain consumers at higher prices ?

First of all, from the appearance , New Lexus ES It maintains the language design style of the existing models . The air intake grille with the front face like a spindle has high recognition , The visual effect is very sharp , Some adjustments have been made in detail , There is little change in the whole . On both sides LED The headlights are designed as arrows , It's very sharp . The whole front looks more three-dimensional and full , Individual character is dye-in-the-wood . The rear also continues the double-layer design of the old model , Simple layout and atmosphere . Concealed exhaust 、L The embellishment of v-tail lamp group and chrome plated decorative strip are important elements to improve the overall appearance and grade .

The body side lines are smooth and natural , Although the design is simple, it does not lose its aura . The combination of multi spoke wheels also increases the car's sense of refinement and fashion . Spatial representation , New Lexus ES Just like the existing models , The length, width and height are respectively 4975/1866/1447mm, The wheelbase is 2870mm.

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