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After the Weilai accident, Xiaopeng revised the description of auxiliary driving one after another: the advanced and automatic are gone

2021-08-24 18:51:52 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 14 Japan , Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao company, drove Weilai ES8 Enable autopilot (NOP Pilot status ) Died in a car accident . This message has once again aroused the outside world's concern about “ Car companies over publicize assisted driving ” Hot discussion .

Media discovery , At present ideal 、 Xiaopeng has revised the description of the auxiliary driving system on the official website one after another , Removed “ senior ”、“ Automatically ” Equal word .

at present , Ideal car official website shows , The auxiliary driving system is called “ Ideal AD Assisted driving system ”. And before that , Its name is “ Ideal AD Advanced assisted driving system ”,“ senior ” The word was deleted .

meanwhile , The description of auxiliary driving system on Xiaopeng's official website is “XPILOT 3.0 Intelligent assisted driving system ”. In previous official publicity materials , The name of Xiaopeng's auxiliary driving system is “XPILOT 3.5 Automatic driving assistance system ”.

before , Ideal CEO Li would like to call on the media and industry organizations to unify the standard of Chinese terms of automatic driving .

Li wants to point out ,L2 and L3 What users don't understand , They are all professional scripts . It is recommended to unify the name :L2= Auxiliary driving ;L3= Automatic assisted driving ;L4= Autopilot ;L5= unmanned .

A redundant Chinese character should not have , Avoid the misunderstanding caused by exaggerated publicity . Exercise restraint in promotion , Invest in technology , For users 、 industry 、 Enterprises have long-term benefits .

For Li Xiang's remarks ,360 Zhou Hongyi also has his own views .

Zhou Hongyi said , AI is not marketing talk , Not so magical , There are still many roads to go, many pits to fill , Don't mislead users for marketing , I agree with most of Li Xiang's suggestions .

however ,L2 To L5 It's all industry slang for self entertainment , It should become a simple concept that ordinary users can take literally , however L3= Automatic assisted driving is easy to be confused and misunderstood , still L3= Advanced assisted driving is quite good , What do you think is a better name ?


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