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Inheriting the consistent style of the wey family, spy photos of the wey latte PHEV were exposed

2021-08-24 18:51:54 Oriental Information automobile

recently , We have learned from relevant channels that , Some domestic media exposed a group of WEY Latte PHEV Road test photos of the model . however , The specific launch time of the new car is not known yet .

aesthetic , New car adopted WEY Family design language , A large polygonal air inlet grille is adopted , The network structure presents an irregular shape , And the brand is embedded in the middle area LOGO, Match with the headlight set with unique shapes on both sides . Make the recognition of new cars very high . meanwhile , The triangular air inlet under the lamp group is shaped , Improves the sportiness of the whole vehicle .

The body side , The lines of the new car are very smooth , A charging socket is provided above the rear wheel , Identify yourself . Besides , The new car also adds chrome trim to the windows , Make the new car look more exquisite and generous .

The rear part , The tail lamp set of the new car has a unique shape , And there is a thick chrome plated trim strip under the tail lamp group , There is an illusion that it looks like a through tail lamp group . in addition , The new car has a latte at the back PHEV identification , Show their identity .

interiors , We can see that the new car adopts the family design concept , Multifunctional steering wheel with large suspended central control screen , And it adopts a more textured design similar to the crystal handle , Enhance the sense of fashion and luxury of the whole vehicle . motivation , We don't know about the power of the new car yet , We won't know until the official release . More new car information , We will continue to pay attention .

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