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Sura resurrection is not a thing. Nissan Z also resurrected, you know

2021-08-24 18:51:59 Oriental Information automobile

Toyota... A few days ago Supra raised , And officially enter the Chinese market , It can be said that it makes domestic car fans crazy . But Nissan also has a performance beast at home , This time, Fairlady Z The return of the , It is estimated that many people are excited . Compared to Toyota Supra, nissan Fairlady Z The series has more status in the hearts of Chinese car fans , I have also imported large quantities into the Chinese market before . today AM Let's take a look at the mirror , The new Fairlady Z, Can you still arouse desire .

Ladies' cars are not only loved by ladies Fairlady Z yes nissan Z English name of the series , because Fairlady In English, she is a lady 、 Lady means , So it's also called Lady car . indeed Fairlady Z The design of each generation of models is very elegant , But its burst performance is not only loved by ladies . Since its appearance ,NISSAN Z The cumulative global sales of series models have exceeded 175 Ten thousand units . near 50 Year of Z In the course of series development , Include things like "Automobile Global star sports car "、"J.D. Power Quality champion "、"Car and Driver Star of the year " And many other annual international awards . nissan Z The series has also become JDM One of the iconic models of , Inherit the family's DNA Until today, , Although we are about to enter the era of electrification , But now you can still enjoy the original Fairlady Z The orthodox sequel has been satisfied .

And 《 initial D》 In China, most people may be interested in Japan JDM Cultural understanding comes from 《 initial D》 This cartoon , The hero takuhai Fujiwara AE86 I don't know how many people dream . In fact, there is also a classic Dayman 《 Bay shore MIDNIGHT》, It's also a racing masterpiece , Serial time from 1990 - 2008 year , The hero drives Nissan Fairlady Z(Z31), Even repeat a year for this car , Coincidentally, this one Fairlady Z The shape is so charming . So it enjoys and AE86 Equal status , Even if not AE86, Most racing games will never be absent Fairlady Z The figure of . And not just in Japan , In the U.S. 、 Europe and Asia also enjoy high reputation .

Fairlady Z In the 1960s , Famous Japanese designer Yoshihiko Matsuo Mr. Wei Liangyan designed Fairlady Z The first generation of models , Hang Datsun Auto Logos .Datsun The model is a brand of Nissan , The city code is "Z" plan , Intended to restore Nissan's sales in the United States , It is mainly a two door sports car with good handling performance , Because Americans have always loved Coupe models , Therefore, the long bonnet was determined at the beginning of the design , Slip back shape , Classic of double door design Coupe image .

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