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What kind of electric car can impress young people? Look at the answers given by these two brands

2021-08-24 18:57:21 Oriental Information automobile

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As young people become the main force in the electric vehicle consumer market ,“ The young get the world ” It has become the consensus of major brands , among , Five sheep - Honda electric car and maverick electric car are the favorite model representatives of young people . Five sheep - Honda electric vehicle as implication “ Locomotive culture ” The old brand will compete with the Mavericks electric car “ How to play the Internet ” New entrants next to the body , Both meet the car purchase needs of young users to varying degrees .

that , If you really want to make a comparison , Five sheep - Honda electric car and maverick electric car , Who can capture the hearts of young houlang ?

stay “ Technology 、 fashion 、 motion 、 High-end ” Wait for the brand tone , Five sheep - Honda electric vehicles attract consumers to pursue quality 、 Free and romantic young groups . Ah Le as Wuyang - A loyal fan of Honda electric cars , I just picked up a new car not long ago U-GO, Let him exclaim “ Addiction ”.

Five sheep - Honda U-GO It's a combination of cutting-edge technology 、 Fashion and simplicity 、 High end electric motorcycle with free and unrestrained elements , Look at ah le ,U-GO The whole vehicle not only shows HONDA The essence of refined car making technology , In many ‘ Can't see ’ The details of , For example, extended range battery options can reach 130km、 Pembai's power take-off 、 Precise braking 、 Flexible handling 、 Comfortable riding experience, etc .

People used to pay attention to “ Visible consumption ”, Need to buy a large LOGO Luxury of , Let others see that they have face . But now people pay more and more attention to “ Invisible consumption ”, Pay for your experience and feelings .

In taking care of the user experience and feelings , The calf electric car is also commendable .“ Calf electric car gives people the feeling that it is not greasy uncle , personality 、 Self - 、 Like to break through .” Someone once described the maverick electric car , This is also the reason why many Niu friends choose Mavericks' electric vehicles .

As a cow friend , If everyone meets on the road , Will take the initiative to add a friend , Share the car experience together . Calf electric car with internet gene , It has a more active and enthusiastic car club than traditional electric vehicle brands , The communication between car owners is also very close .

To address the gap between the two , I have to mention “ Car making technology ” Actual combat performance on .

these years , Five sheep - Honda electric vehicle has proved its product's strategic position , High quality, which is much higher than the average level of the electric vehicle industry , It has always been Wuyang - The important personality of Honda . Rigorous R & D and strict production process with the same origin as motorcycle products , Let Wuyang - Honda electric car can be said to be tempered in every detail .

That's right for quality 、 For users with higher demand for riding experience , Five sheep - The most irresistible thing about Honda electric car is Honda Complete vehicle body development technology , Fully combine the power performance of motorcycle with the flexibility and lightness of electric vehicle , Strong performance , Without losing a gentle heart .

Compared with Wuyang - Honda electric car “ Motorcycles are of the same origin ” Production process and Technology , The maverick electric car is slightly inferior in this regard .

Mavericks' electric vehicles have made great achievements in intelligent interconnection and other aspects , At the same time, with high appearance 、 High-tech 、 High intelligence , It is deeply loved by young white-collar workers . As Niu you said , The real charm of Mavericks electric doesn't come from its configuration and performance , Just grow in everyone's aesthetic point , But in case of aesthetic fatigue one day , What do I do ? Personally think that , It's not as good as Wuyang - Honda U-GO Wait for the electric car , At least it starts with appearance , Loyal to performance .

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