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Tanyue is in line with its more high-end positioning of emphasizing sports

2021-08-24 18:57:27 Oriental Information automobile

Tanyue adopts the new family design language of Volkswagen , This design language has been gradually popularized in several new models of Volkswagen , Compared with the previous popular family design , Tan Yue looks younger 、 Vogue . The front face adopts banner air inlet grille , Pair with... On both sides LED Headlight set of light source , Effectively stretch the horizontal visual width , The waist line extends from the front headlamp to the rear tail lamp , The tail shape is round and atmospheric , The strong lines of the whole vehicle create a sense of muscle . Explore the mountain Adopt the latest family design , The center console is offset to the driver's side as a whole , More conducive to driver operation , The design of the lower part of the central control and the shift lever is biased towards the traditional design , The layout is simple and clear .10.3 Inch full LCD dashboard 9.2 Inch center touch screen , and 10 Color adjustable interior atmosphere lamp , Make the vehicle interior more young and fashionable . In addition, the interior is also equipped with Volkswagen's latest MIB Human computer interaction system , Support gesture operation function , Users can switch interfaces or songs by sliding . Right in front of tanyue , The upper air inlet grid is a grid honeycomb chain , Third floor lighting design , Highly recognizable , Simple atmosphere . Exhibition vehicle 330TSI The best-selling configuration is two-wheel drive luxury ,20 The latest Zhilian version , Multimedia screen 8 " , Than 19 The paragraph 6.5 Inch screen has a stronger sense of Technology . In addition, it is equipped with exterior decoration atmosphere lamp and vehicle networking function . whole LED Lamp source , Night driving lights ,LED Fog lamp of lamp source , And the fog lamp has auxiliary lighting function , Especially at night in the corner , Very practical . The conductor of tanyue is 4589mm/4595mm/4590mm Three specifications , Wide for 1860mm, High for 1660mm, The wheelbase is 2731mm. Short body The design of long wheelbase is popular MQB A feature of the new platform model , Compared with Kodiak on the same platform , The body of the probe is shorter , But it is in line with its more high-end positioning emphasizing sportiness .

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