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The exquisite shape is a real BMW Z4 roadster

2021-08-24 18:57:32 Oriental Information automobile

BMW Z4 Convertible sports car , The shape is exquisite and sporty , The slender front face is full of atmospheric sports style . The convertible body design is very windy , The turning back rate is also very high . The front face is a family design language , The grille shape of double kidneys improves the sports style of the whole vehicle . The luxury sports momentum is also very well built . Long and narrow LED Daytime running lights have a strong sense of refinement , The internal structure is drawn very carefully , The visual effect after lighting is also very excellent . Coordinate the proportion design of the side body , The simple and slender waistline has a smooth feeling , The concave treatment of the door is sharp , The rearview mirror is exquisitely designed .V The shape of the wheel hub is very handsome , The power performance is also excellent . The interior is a sporty design style , Multifunctional steering wheel, comfortable grip and movement , The exquisite material package is very comfortable . The design of the rear spoiler is very sporty , pour L The shape of the tail lamp has a strong three-dimensional feeling , The recognition of driving at night is also very high .

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