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Che Xiao's beautiful photos are full of Fairy Spirit. I never thought his hard pen calligraphy was so exquisite and confident

2021-08-24 19:09:45 Oriental Infotainment

In the near future ,“ The goddess ” Che Xiao , And take beautiful photos on your social platform , It makes people feel so pure , It's full of Fairy Spirit , And a postscript to “ It's autumn , Good weekend , What to wear today ?” From such a concise and comprehensive language , We can feel that she is an actor who loves life very much , Actually , We not only saw her beautiful photos in the sun , And I also saw such a piece of paper she dried , It reads “ Black storm , Pay tribute to the anti triad hero ” word , Never thought about it , Her hard brush calligraphy is also so exquisite , Have a strong foundation , We know Che Xiao is good at calligraphy , Especially her small letters are exquisite , This time, she was amazed by her hard pen calligraphy again , Now let's enjoy her hard pen calligraphy .

Che Xiao , It's always been “ The goddess ” Like being , But she is different from other actors , Not only does it often dry out daily , And I often visit calligraphy and painting exhibitions , From this point of view , Her love for calligraphy and painting is a kind of love , It is this love , To write exquisite calligraphy , He has his own view and understanding of calligraphy , Especially in hard pen calligraphy , Not only can you write a beautiful girl style , And there are regular letters in the line , There are lines in regular script , Combination of Xingkai , Dignified without losing a sense of freedom , Elegant without losing a sense of stability , The understanding of hard pen calligraphy is , Is profound .

From the handwriting on the note she dried , Her use of hard pen calligraphy , I know it well , meanwhile , Can also use the pen method of small block letters , Flexible application , Ingenious grafting , Wrote a new atmosphere , Start writing 、 Writing 、 There is a touch of Jin and Tang style in the closing room , Boudoir Charm , It's fresh and chic , Stippling arrangement is accurate and in place , Especially in connection with each other , Very good , Very thoughtful , Take care of each other , Look after each other , Look around , Head to tail , Don't have a taste , Every word is very beautiful , And full , The beauty of posture , The beauty of modeling , Especially her signature , More lightsome , More relaxed , Make people feel happy .

Friends who pay attention to Che Xiao know , She has a lot of experience in small block letters , Never thought about this time , He also amazed the public with hard pen calligraphy , Always in a fresh form , To admire , Enviable , No wonder many netizens say , Your life is so full , Regarding this , Share your thoughts .

source : Calligraphy Xiaobai

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