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Three family cars in line with the tastes of young people

2021-08-24 19:16:41 Oriental Information automobile

New to society , You said to think about the house , Not reality . After all, it didn't continue , And the salary of the new job is really tight , Under the pressure of deposits , Most people are willing to spend their money on cars . Don't feel worried because the car is a consumable , The house is really too expensive . however , Even if you buy a car , Many people don't have much choice , stay 10 Ten thousand yuan , It should be regarded as a threshold for buying a car , For young people , There are many suitable models . today , Carefully selected three cars , These three cars may not be very outstanding , But in terms of word of mouth and fuel consumption , They are all done in a balanced way , Especially the price , It is more suitable for young people entering the society , Let cash strapped young people have a car dream .

The first car to talk about is the Chevrolet Cruze (), The guide price is 8.99 Models starting from 10000 yuan , There is no small discount . As a compact model launched this year , Appearance design is its main advantage . Although the car is small , But it's very sporty and can be matched with a sports kit , Make this car very suitable for young people . On the configuration side , Like LED headlight 、 Cruise control 、 Tire pressure monitoring has become a common function . meanwhile , This car is also quite powerful , Because the body weight is not heavy , therefore 1.0T and 1.3T All the engines can make the car run very fast . The maximum power can reach 125 Horsepower and 163 horsepower . Young people who are new to society , You can choose 1.0T, The price is a little lower , And it's enough for general transportation .

Secondly, it is about Rongwei's i5(), This car is a model with extreme praise and bad comments . But it is always the model of SAIC Roewe , So in terms of price, compared with models such as SAIC Volkswagen , A lot of benefits . That's why ,6.89 The starting price of 10000 yuan makes it a popular domestic family car . The proportion of the car body is more coordinated , Of course , The appearance adopts family design , With chrome plated material , It can make the car look brighter . Maybe aesthetically , Not suitable for young people , But the rich interior with intelligent driving system , The entertainment function is very powerful . In the power part , This car is equipped with 1.5L Natural inspiration and 1.5T Turbocharged engine , As well as CVT The transmission of the is matched on the high configuration model . The disadvantage of this car is that the fuel consumption is a little higher , A hundred kilometers in 7.5L about , More pertinent .

Finally, I talked about a Korean car , The joy of modern cars () It is a popular compact car . The dynamic design makes this car more suitable for young people , Starting selling price 7.99 Ten thousand yuan it , stay 10 The budget of 10000 yuan can basically be done . The wheel hub looks a little old , But the design of the hood and the tail belong to that kind of bright . In the configuration section , Leather seats 、 Skylights and other designs have become standard , The touch screen is embedded in the middle , It's very textured . The driving force is 1.6L+6AT The transmission , Slightly poor power ,122 Horsepower output coordination 6AT The transmission , The power is a little weak, but the most important thing is stability , Especially when accelerating , There is almost no sense of cadence , This car is also a good choice for young people .

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