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Those who bought H6 have regretted it. Take a look at this authentic German "small steel gun"

2021-08-24 19:16:47 Oriental Information automobile

aesthetic , Bovo BX5() 1.4T The overall appearance of the model is the same as that of the models currently on sale 1.8T The models are consistent , Luxurious and fashionable modeling design , The front face continues the family model BX7) Design concept and style , Chrome plated trim strips are widely used , The forward air grille is used “ Straight waterfall ” The style of , It creates a luxurious atmosphere , It also improves a lot of recognition . In the design of headlights , Not too flashy decoration and embellishment , In order to meet the aesthetic standards of car buyers , The new car light pack really adds a sense of fashion .

The body side , Simple and capable lines , The rear part is full and round , Visually quite eye-catching . Compared with the front of the car , The rear of the car is in shape design , It seems a little implicit , Exhaust area below , Direct is the hidden layout style . Full size : Long 4490mm, wide 1877mm, high 1675mm And wheelbase 2685mm, There has been no change in specifications . What you see again is the tail light group , Simple in modeling design , Echo with the front of the car . In the pursuit of practicality ,1.4T Like the previous model, the new elements are used .

New car interior , The interior space layout style of German cars , Workmanship and materials , Not just exquisite , A little more luxurious . Like the central console, there is a bright central control screen ,“ Suspended ” Design elements of , Completely in line with the current trend of the times , People's aesthetic standards are valued again . The dashboard is not too complex to design , Everything tends to be concise .

Other configuration , In addition to the more conspicuous panoramic skylight , The new car is also equipped with tire pressure monitoring , The electronic hand brake , Brake assist , Fatigue driving reminder , The night vision system , Cruise control , Hill auxiliary , Slow down the steep slopes , And the well-known vehicle interconnection function , Panoramic images , Body stability and automatic parking 、 Auxiliary setting of the seat .

The chassis power of the new car , McPherson independent suspension is combined with multi link independent suspension , After the complete adjustment , In addition to ensuring a certain degree of comfort , In terms of noise reduction and sound insulation , The new car also has a very good performance . Bovo BX5 20T The 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power can be achieved 110 kw 、 Peak torque 250 The power output of niumi . Besides , The new car will also launch two models of manual transmission and automatic transmission , Among them, the comprehensive working condition of manual transmission vehicle is... Per 100 km 5.8 l , The comprehensive working condition of automatic transmission models is every 100 kilometers 6 l . Compared with the current carrying 1.8T The engine's predecessor , The fuel consumption is reduced every 100 kilometers 1.1 L and 0.9 l .

source : China Star circle

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