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Who will come? Great wall tank 600 is also

2021-08-24 19:16:52 Oriental Information automobile

“ I didn't have money to buy domestic cars before , Now I have no money to buy domestic cars ”, Although this sentence has the meaning of ridicule , But it intuitively shows the progress made by the current independent car enterprises , Especially the head brand , Master the core technology in some fields . Blindly refuse to be original , Gone are the days when you can get favor by copying , Now it's hard strength , It's about car building technology and power reserve .

Several independent car companies with top sales volume , Both show a high level in car making , For example, the great wall tank 300, Although positioning a small number of hardliners SUV, However, since its official listing, it has been in short supply , Along with the tank brand and subsequent models, it has attracted much attention . Actually this time , Great wall tanks are also actively warming up new cars , Now look at the tanks 600 Before tanks 700 And tanks 800, Successor tank 300 Become the next hardline style SUV.

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