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Neglected luxury car, starting 2.0T

2021-08-24 19:16:58 Oriental Information automobile

As a luxury car that Great Wall Motor once had high hopes to build SUV, From the performance of the market , current WEY VV7 It's really good " Frustration ", But after a careful understanding of it, you will find , Actually WEY VV7 The product power of the whole vehicle is really good , The honeycomb air inlet grille used in the front face is matched with the matrix on both sides LED With the headlights , It's very radical for the visual impact of the whole front , And from the side ,WEY VV7 It is also made to be stable , young , Large hatchback roof and exhaust layout at both sides of the tail , Open out , It's more classy than BMW X3, audi Q5L And bluff , It really caters to the aesthetics of many young people at present .

When the whole car weighs close to 2 Tons of body ,WEY VV7 And have 4760*1931*1655mm Body length, width, height and 2950mm The wheelbase , by comparison , In body size and interior space ,WEY VV7 It's also completely better than BMW X1, audi Q3 A big circle , Especially in the car 40 Noise reduction in multiple places , After anti noise optimization , Sit in the car and close the door , It can be said that only sound insulation is left in the car .

Looking at a particularly eye-catching appearance , Have to say ,WEY VV7 The visual sense presented in the interior layout will also make people feel a sense of luxury , The working materials in the car are also quite exquisite , solid , In a glance , Than the audi Q5L, BMW X3 And a sense of sophistication , in addition ,WEY VV7 It is also famous for its rich configuration , Like the openable panoramic sunroof , Lane keep , Take the initiative to brake , Adaptive cruise , Reversing shadow ,360 Degree panoramic camera , Streaming media, rearview mirrors, etc. are basically standard , Reached BMW X3, audi Q5L Have not reached the height of .

As a flagship luxury car , From the power system of the whole vehicle , so to speak WEY VV7 It won't disappoint , In addition to the standard one in the whole series, the new car is ready to start 227 horsepower 2.0T The engine , The transmission system is also matched with a set that is more conducive to driving feeling 7 Double clutch gearbox , Opened WEY VV7 People will feel , The whole vehicle not only has excellent power performance , The acceleration response is also very fast , Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 8.6L about .

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