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The maximum discount is 68000 yuan, starting from 167800 yuan. Is the car full of local tyrants?

2021-08-24 19:22:24 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Meizhou recently announced Explore the mountain X Preferential prices in the region : Currently exploring the mountains X The highest discount for car purchase 6.8 Ten thousand yuan ,16.78 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back on exploring the mountains X Basic information of . In appearance , Explore the mountain X The shape of is more young and sporty , Once listed, it is widely sought after by young consumers , The overall appearance design is young and fashionable , It's natural to be favored by young people . On the front , Air inlet grille and LED Daytime running lights are integrated , Add chrome plated trim through the middle , It looks exquisite and beautiful . The side shape is very grand ,C The shape of the column is very atmospheric , The lines of the roof are full of design to outline the car running SUV Style , The rearview mirror design is fashionable , The waistline is sharp and sharp , The concave treatment of the door is sharp , The wheel arch shape is very three-dimensional , The multi strip wheel hub shape enhances a strong sense of elegance . The rear design has a strong sense of hierarchy , The tail lamp adopts an engraved design , It brings a stronger three-dimensional feeling to the rear of the car , The overall style is very sporty . The new car uses R-line Exclusive design makes the interior more sporty , More fun to drive , The design of the center console is humanized , The functions of each key are clear , It's easy to operate . Fine workmanship , Most of the interiors are wrapped in advanced materials , Large central control screen and full LCD instrument are standard configuration of the whole system , The sense of technology is doing well . Explore the mountain X carrying EA888 2.0T The engine , It also provides two power versions of low power and high power for consumers to choose , The low power version has the maximum power 137kW, Maximum torque 320N·m, High power version maximum power 162kW, Maximum torque 350N·m. The configuration of the new car is also full of science and Technology , Explore the mountain X Carrying ACC 3.0 Advanced adaptive cruise system ,PLA 3.0 Intelligent automatic park assist ,Pre-Crash Pre collision protection system , Lane assist Lane keeping system ,TJA Traffic congestion assistance system ,SWA Lane change assistance , Active intelligent tire pressure digital monitoring system ,MKE Fatigue monitoring system ,MDFS Intelligent dynamic headlight assist system , These technologies can bring rich connected driving experience to car owners .

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