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Sports compact SUV recommends Tousheng L / Chang'an cs75 plus / Haval big dog. There is always one for you

2021-08-24 19:22:29 Oriental Information automobile

How do young people who work hard in big cities get rid of loneliness ? Some people will take a break after work , Walking around the streets just to find a delicious meal ; Some people will go out in their holiday leisure time , Throw yourself into the embrace of nature . Of course , The prerequisite for achieving all this is naturally a reliable car , We chose three high-quality compact models SUV Make recommendations , Tucson L、 changan CS75 PLUS、 Harvard big dog , One of these three is always suitable for you .

Tucson L It's the first one based on Hyundai Group i-GMP platform-built SUV models , Compared with the previous generation , In appearance modeling 、 Interior design 、 To configure 、 Power, etc , Have been greatly adjusted . The appearance design of the new model highly restores the modern style “Vision T” Concept car , Its front face adopts a scale like frameless air inlet grille , With split headlights , Can present “ Machine armor ” The modelling of , It covers avant-garde 、 Design elements of sports . The side of the car body is a place to test the designer's skills , Wheel arch with diamond design idea , Plus a blade like 19 Inch wheels , Further improved Tucson L Vehicle temperament . In order to meet the needs of domestic consumers for large space , Tucson L The body size is also lengthened . Tucson L The tail is stocky and full , But it's not bloated at all , Surrounded by black 、 Silver shield and double side double outlet exhaust , All enhance the sense of movement . The most striking thing is the through tail lamp , The tail lights on both sides are similar to Eagle claws , Bright red in the middle LED The light band can also be unforgettable when lit .

Tucson L Provides 3 Two interior colors , The air outlet of the through air conditioner is connected with the door as a whole , Formed a spread wing layout , Sit in the front row , It can give people a sense of wrapped security . The materials used in the car are also higher than those of the previous generation , Many soft materials and leather covers are used where passengers often touch , Just under the center console and doors , You can still touch some plastic .

In terms of intelligent technology configuration , The fifth generation Tucson L Voice recognition control in addition to conventional air conditioning 、 In addition to the window, it also supports natural voice command recognition . And Tucson L Also equipped with mobile phone Bluetooth key 、 Remote start and key sharing .

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