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"Perfect Scooter", 3.0T V6 equivalent to only 260000, released by Nissan Fairlady Z

2021-08-24 19:22:38 Oriental Information automobile

“ My fair lady returns , A gentleman can ask again ” New Nissan Fairlady Z It's officially released , The price is only about 26 Ten thousand yuan . Do you think a car is just a means of transportation ? No , It is a kind of feeling , Even think . It's like everyone wants to own a sports car from the bottom of their heart , Speed, passion and even feelings are integrated into the roaring sound . For the auto enterprises themselves , Should undertake some racing culture , Therefore, it is essential to create a performance car that you can take . Take Nissan , Except for the famous God of war GTR, Another model also became the benchmark of Japanese performance vehicles in the 1960s , That's Nissan Fairlady Z.

Devil or lady ? It is the only one who can deduce the two identities of devil and Lady incisively and vividly . In most people's minds , stay 《 Bay shore 》 The sapphire blue Nissan from ASAKURA mingxiong in the inner corner Fairlady Z(S30) It's no less than 《 initial D》 The one in zhongtuohai 86.Fairlady My fair lady ,Z yes 26 The last digit of an English letter , Represents the ultimate ,Fairlady Z (S30) It's Nissan 1969 The first generation of Z Series sports cars , In those years, it was highly praised by the market with its graceful posture and extreme performance , Like one of the most beautiful 350Z and 370Z Is its offspring .

1969 year , first generation Fairlady Z, The American 2.4L The engine , Japanese Edition 2.0L, Both models have six cylinder displacement 1969 year , The first generation code is S30 Of Fairlady, That is to say 240Z, This model is equipped with 2.0 L in-line six cylinder engine models , For the U.S. market, it has changed to a more powerful 2.4 Six liter straight engine , The maximum horsepower is also from Japan 130 The horse was raised to 151 horse . Need to know , In the early generation GT-R Only 2.0 L engine . At the same time, it sold for only 2900 dollar , Compared with models with the same performance at that time ,240Z With strong performance , Plus sexy design , Low price , Quickly become popular in the American market . Experienced the glory of the first generation , Second generation Fairlady It seems a little lonely . here we are 1979 year , Nissan launched the code name S130 The second generation of , The appearance of the vehicle continues the previous design , Only some changes in details . Therefore, this feeling of exhausted talent makes Nissan aware of the sense of crisis . Later, that is, in 1981 year , Nissan launched 280ZX Turbo models , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , In the original 2.8 L naturally aspirated engine based on , added 2.8L Turbocharged engine .

1979. Second generation Fairlady, carrying 2.8L Naturally aspirated engine 、 later stage 2.8L Turbocharged engine 1984 year ,Fairlady Ushered in the third generation of models . It is worth mentioning that , The car is no longer in use Fairlady Name , Opened a new series , Change it to 300ZX, Code name Z31, That is what we are familiar with now 350Z and 370Z The first generation of models , But it still belongs to Fairlady Follow on models . Although it looks almost the same as the second generation , But the headlight design with jump lamp style , I don't know how many people's hearts have been hooked away .

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