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Toyota fjcruiser reappears tjcruiser after it is discontinued. You can't miss the car

2021-08-24 19:32:23 Oriental Information automobile

Need to know , Every model launched by Toyota is loved by Volkswagen owners , In particular, friends who like the off-road field are interested in the newly launched FJCruiser After model , They praised it one after another, saying that life is at the right time , Finally, it's time for you . Toyota FJCruiser Model from 2007 After the launch , Experienced for a long time 10 Years of trade war , It can be said that its charm is beyond the reach of other models .

However , Good things have a deadline , It is impossible to provide you with unlimited use , Such models are precious and irreplaceable .2016 year , Toyota announces FJCruiser The model is out of production ,10 years , Give Way FJCruiser stay SUV Have a firm foothold in the market , But suddenly stop production and take over , It will inevitably make some car lovers feel frustrated .

However , Toyota recently launched a new off-road model , since FJCruiser after , Another super performance off-road TJCruiser The model is coming soon . According to overseas media , Toyota TJCruiser The model is FT-4X) Concept car , And it's a mass production version , The pre-sale price will be at 50 All around , If a friend who loves a car needs to start quickly , Avoid missing opportunities .

TJCruiser The model inherits FJCruiser Excellent design of the model , Follow the design concept of Toyota's new generation , Super comfortable leather cover design inside , collocation 7 A layout , It can be flattened , Very large storage space , Spray special protective layer on the outside , It can effectively prevent scratches and remove stains ,4 The wheels are tall and fashionable, with advanced off-road tires , The front face grid design is of high grade , Equipped with circular energy-saving lamp source , Looks rough and resolute , Militantly proclaim .

According to overseas media speculation ,TJCruiser The model will be compatible with C-HR( Similar models , stay TNGA Platform production , carrying 2.0T The engine , Equipped with four drive and front drive modes , As an off-road model, it is full of power . As a mass production version of the new car , Will not follow off-road routes , On the whole, it is mainly leisure , Will create a very personalized , More suitable for the majority of friends .

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