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With large space and long range, no wonder it is one of the best-selling compact pure electric SUVs

2021-08-24 19:32:27 Oriental Information automobile

aesthetic , The song dynasty PLUS EV The front face of the uses the iconic closed front face design of new energy vehicles , The long and wide silver chrome trim on the front face is very conspicuous , And the sharp headlight groups on both sides are also connected through this trim strip . Lighting , The song dynasty PLUS EV Standard configuration LED The light source , And with automatic opening and closing function . There is also a grille design at the bottom of the front face , Silver chrome trim is also used under the grille . The lines on the side are smooth , Sharp waistline , The window and the lower edge of the door are also decorated with silver chrome trim .19 Inch multi frame aluminum alloy rim is fashionable and durable . The tail has a strong sense of hierarchy , The rear headlight group uses an integrated design , And silver chrome trim above , More youthful . The silver trim panel at the bottom also makes the tail no longer monotonous .

The song dynasty PLUS The interior design is simple 、 A low profile , But he also worked hard on the materials . The three width multifunctional steering wheel is full and strong , The grip is good . Although there is no bright spot in the design of electronic stop lever , But the same grip feels good . The seat pattern is simple , Imitation leather material is used , The driver's and passenger's seats are also equipped with electric adjustment function , The top version is also equipped with heating 、 Ventilation function . The instrument adopts 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter , The central control screen adopts 12.8 Inch screen , The suspension design is adopted , Equipped with GPS Navigation system 、 Road rescue services 、OTA upgrade 、WiFi Hot spots and other practical functions . other aspects , The song dynasty PLUS EV It is also equipped with reversing image as standard 、360 ° Panoramic image, etc , The top version also has full speed adaptive cruise 、L2 Level automatic driving and other functions .

In space , The song dynasty PLUS EV Length 、 wide 、 High respectively 4705、1890、1680mm, The wheelbase is 2765mm, In length 、 The width and wheelbase are better than song PRO EV Are slightly larger , So its spatial expression is still commendable , By height 177cm Take the experience of , After adjusting the seat , Front row head space four fingers , A punch in the back head space , Leg space, two punches or so .

motivation , The song dynasty PLUS EV Use Permanent magnet / Synchronous motor , Maximum power is 135kW, The maximum torque is 280N·m, The power is regular . Battery , The capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is 71.7kWh, It has a range of 505km, It can basically meet the needs of a family for a week . Charging ways , Charge fast for half an hour to reach 80% Electric quantity . price , The song dynasty PLUS EV There are two models , Priced at 16.98 and 18.68 Ten thousand yuan .

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