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EULA good cat GT Mulan version 138000 yuan; After Weilai's accident, Xiao Peng modified the auxiliary driving description

2021-08-24 19:32:28 Oriental Information automobile

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Today, Euler motors officially announced the good cat GT The pre-sale price of Mulan version , Is due to 13.8 Ten thousand yuan . This car owner's high-performance power , 100km acceleration 6.9s, The body is painted in grey 、 Moving hub .

Euler is a good cat GT On 7 month 30 in 2021 China Joy Formal appearance . The wheelbase of the car 2650mm, The shape is made up of lines , The body is decorated with carbon fiber and tail wings . This car is equipped with 126kW Single motor , Built in ternary lithium ion battery , life 501 km .

Euler this car is equipped with ORA-Pilot3.0 Intelligent autopilot assist system , Have 2 A high-precision millimeter wave radar ,12 An ultrasonic radar ,6 An intelligent high perception camera and GPS+ Beidou's dual-mode positioning system . The system can realize L2+ Level of autopilot .

Euler today officially announced the new Euler cherry cat electric car . The shape of this car is SUV modelling , The body is higher . According to previous news , Euler cherry cat will be equipped with honeycomb energy cobalt free battery , High cycle life 、 High energy density .

Euler cherry cat has appeared in the Ministry of industry and information technology before , Will carry a maximum power of 150 Kilowatt motor , The wheelbase is 2710mm,NEDC The maximum endurance mileage under working conditions is expected to exceed 550 km .

Media discovery , At present ideal 、 Xiaopeng has revised the description of the auxiliary driving system on the official website one after another , Removed “ senior ”、“ Automatically ” Equal word .

at present , Ideal car official website shows , The auxiliary driving system is called “ Ideal AD Assisted driving system ”. And before that , Its name is “ Ideal AD Advanced assisted driving system ”,“ senior ” The word was deleted .

meanwhile , The description of auxiliary driving system on Xiaopeng's official website is “XPILOT 3.0 Intelligent assisted driving system ”. In previous official publicity materials , The name of Xiaopeng's auxiliary driving system is “XPILOT 3.5 Automatic driving assistance system ”.

before , Ideal CEO Li would like to call on the media and industry organizations to unify the standard of Chinese terms of automatic driving . Li wants to point out ,L2 and L3 What users don't understand , They are all professional scripts . It is recommended to unify the name :L2= Auxiliary driving ;L3= Automatic assisted driving ;L4= Autopilot ;L5= unmanned .

A redundant Chinese character should not have , Avoid the misunderstanding caused by exaggerated publicity . Exercise restraint in promotion , Invest in technology , For users 、 industry 、 Enterprises have long-term benefits .

For Li Xiang's remarks ,360 Zhou Hongyi also has his own views . Zhou Hongyi said , AI is not marketing talk , Not so magical , There are still many roads to go, many pits to fill , Don't mislead users for marketing , I agree with most of Li Xiang's suggestions .

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