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Toyota has added a "fierce general", with a face value ten times that of the current model, 299 HP + 8at + 4WD

2021-08-24 19:37:53 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, about Toyota's new SUV The news of , Like the appearance of the previous new generation of hanlanda , It caused no small “ sensational ”, But when will the new generation of Highlander enter domestic mass production , It's still unknown . But in order to be able to SUV Further expand their own strength in the field , Toyota is determined to build on the new generation of Highlander , Launched a more prominent SUV, It can be said that Toyota added “ Fierce generals ”, And this new addition “ Fierce generals ” It's called hanlanda XSE. Toyota added “ Fierce generals ”, Looks ten times more beautiful than cash ,299 horsepower +8AT+ all-wheel-drive .

In the front face , The new car has changed considerably , Compared with the ordinary version, the size of the air inlet grille is reduced , And turn it into a polygon shape similar to an inverted trapezoid , The interior has matte black mesh decoration , Cooperate with the air inlet decoration in the fog lamp area on the left and right , It has a strong visual impact .

A new generation of hanlanda XSE Three rows 7 A layout , The interior design is basically the same as that of the new generation hanlanda ordinary version . The centre console is well-organized , The design of the central control screen and its surrounding key area is full of creativity . Corresponding to more mobile positioning , The interior color of the car is red 、 Black and two colors . Intelligent configuration , The vehicle engine system of the vehicle can support Android Auto、Apple CarPlay as well as Amazon Alexa.

Dynamic part , With a new car 3.5 l V6 The engine , Maximum power is 295 horsepower (220 kw ), The drive system also matches 8 Speed automatic transmission . The new car is also equipped with a higher rate spring and a rear stabilizer bar , The shock absorber has also been readjusted .

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