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Even the Audi Q7 has no way out. With 4WD, the acceleration is only 5.7 seconds. When you drive out, it's as elegant as the big G

2021-08-24 19:43:45 Oriental Information automobile

In the current domestic automobile market , Potential consumers are generally young people , Yes, of course , It does not rule out that there are some mature consumers , But those people are generally practical , The development potential is not as great as that of young consumers . Therefore, when building new models, current brands will pay special attention to the appearance of the car , And will add some tough guy elements , After all, the character of young people today is very publicized . Yes, of course , If you are financially strong enough , A domineering off-road vehicle is certainly the best choice , Just imagine , You drive your car through the barren wood or grassland , That picture is still quite attractive . The car you want to talk about today in Emei is a very domineering SUV, This car should be the dream car of most young people , It is -- Range Rover pulse ().

I believe you should be very familiar with this brand , This brand is still controversial in the domestic market , It was a luxury brand revived by the domestic market , Until today, many young people prefer to choose this brand , Because it's really good , Although the current model is not as domineering as before , But still full of momentum , Especially the one we're going to introduce today , And the brand in order to increase the competitiveness of the market , There are also many car purchase discounts , It can be said to be very kind . Even Audi Q7( Parameters | picture ) There's no way , Equipped with 4WD acceleration, only 5.7 second , Open out , And big G Same style .

This car is a top luxury in the family SUV, In fact, it doesn't lose at all G Traditional luxury cars , Its front face follows the traditional design of the family , And its body proportion is very good , The lines on the side look smooth , The tail line design is also very tension , The whole car still looks very wild , Open out , And big G Same style ! The design of the headlamp unit is also not disappointing , The visual effect after lighting is very good , What's more, it's worth noting , The door handle of this car is hidden , It's still fun to drive .

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