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Toyota really worked hard. It fell to the cost price at one go. It is equipped with 10 airbags + imported 2.0L. What else do you think

2021-08-24 19:49:35 Oriental Information automobile

as everyone knows , In today's car market , German cars and Japanese cars are more popular , And all along , The competition between German cars and Japanese cars is still fierce , But through some data, we can also know , Or Japanese cars are more popular with Chinese people , Take Toyota for example , Some of its models have very high cost performance , For example, we are going to talk about Toyota Yize today , It's very good . Toyota is really hard , Fall to cost price in one breath , with 10 airbag + import 2.0L, What else do you see ?

The reason why this car has achieved relatively good sales and reputation , Because it is positioned as a small SUV, Just in appearance , This car gives the impression that it is quite exquisite and compact , For example, on the front face of this car , Its air intake grille adopts a unique shape design , Moreover, the headlamp groups on both sides adopt an integrated design , Make this car look more fierce , Yes, of course , The daytime running lights of this car still look small and cute , It is also loved by some female consumers .

aesthetic , As Yize under Toyota's dual car layout , And C-HR It's like Carola and rayling , The overall shape of the two is basically the same , Only in some details ; Muscular body contour , And rich design elements , Make it more in line with the aesthetics of young consumers . Outspread front and rear wheel arches , Make the front part look fuller ; China Grid Grid adopts layered style , A through pattern is formed around the logo and the headlights , This design is also used in other Toyota models ; The slender air inlet in the middle is matched with the air guide grooves on both sides , There are some traces of the previous beard .

Body side and C-HR Highly consistent , Roof arc from A The position of the column transitions naturally to the rear , Connect the tilted rear windscreen , Bring some back sliding effect ; Narrow side window design , coordination V V-shaped high waist line and full and towering wheel arch in front and back , It makes the whole look more powerful .C Black gap at column position , It can create a suspended roof from the rear ; In order to match the overall sports atmosphere of the body , The handle of the back door is the same as Benji Honda , Designed at the top of the back door ; Large black scuff plate below , Make the body look more wild .

Yize's interior design is also brilliant , Simple but not simple , The blue trim strip makes the dark interior not dull , In addition, the workmanship and materials are satisfactory , Even if you buy a minimum Yize , Can have the main and passenger seat airbags 、 Front and rear side airbags 、 Front rear head air curtain 、 Knee airbag 、 Tire pressure alarm 、 Lane departure warning and active braking system, etc , It's very reassuring !

Toyota has equipped this car with 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum 173 The power of horse , And simulation 10 In the way CVT Stepless gearbox , The smoothness of shifting , It is the dream of countless riders . Security configuration , Whether it's ESP Or tire pressure monitoring 、 Uphill assistance is everything . And there's a tire pressure alarm 、 Adaptive cruise, etc , Assist the owner in driving .

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