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Why can't Volkswagen electric vehicles be sold in China?

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be relative to 2003 Founded in 、 It's just full this year 18 Tesla , already 84 Year old Volkswagen Group , It can be said that he is a grandfather . but 63 Year old Volkswagen Group CEO Dice , Make no secret of 50 Tesla CEO Musk's admiration .

Dis has publicly stated that ,“ Tesla is a leader in software and autopilot programs ”. and , Volkswagen has also set up a working group for Tesla .

last year , Tesla has sold more than... In the Chinese market 14 Ten thousand electric cars , In the first half of this year, the sales volume has exceeded 16 Thousands of cars .

therefore , Dis mentioned a sales target for this year's Chinese market :8 ten thousand -10 Ten thousand electric cars . But in the recent announcement by the Federation of passengers 1-7 In the ranking of new energy vehicles in June , front 15 You can't even see Volkswagen electric cars ID The silhouette of the series .

At the end of last year , Dease wrote sadly 《 How do we change the public 》 One article , Mentioned in the text ,“ The size of the Volkswagen Group 、 history 、 The current value of the brand and its unique expertise in the field of classic automobile manufacturing , It can be a burden in times of upheaval .”

this sentence , It may be a prophecy .


Sales are worrying


In China and elsewhere , Volkswagen's electric car business shows two faces .

In Europe, , last year 10 month , Volkswagen MEB The first pure electric vehicle under the architecture ID.3 available , The second month after the sale, it won the European sales crown in the field of pure electric vehicles .


Clean Technica data display , First half of this year , In the global electric vehicle sales list , Volkswagen finished third , Sales of more than 15 Ten thousand units , It can be called the light of Europe , The first and second places are Tesla and Wuling respectively . In terms of single car ,ID.4 Its sales volume has also ranked fifth in the world .

But in the domestic market , The public is not very good .

It was announced by the Federation 1-7 In the ranking of new energy vehicles in June , Can't see the public ID The silhouette of the series . In addition to the divine vehicle Wuling Hongguang Mini EV、 tesla Model 3 In addition to such a hot money , Even the unknown Nezha V、 Zero run T03 All on the list .

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This year, 3 month , FAW Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ And SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X It has successively started delivery in the domestic market ; This year, 6 month ,ID. The third production model of the series ID.6 It has also been listed and sold in China .

According to the insurance volume data of Gaishi automobile , First half of this year ,ID.4 The total terminal sales of the series are 5325 car , Not yet Model 3 Monthly sales in China , With Wei Lai 、 Xiao peng 、 There is also a big gap in sales of new mainstream car building forces such as ideal .

In the first half of the year ,ID.4 X The amount of insurance in Shanghai exceeds 1300 car . Shanghai is the headquarters of SAIC Volkswagen , It's also ID.4 X The city where the production base is located . According to an insider ,ID.4 X Such a high proportion of the insurance volume comes from Shanghai , Probably because of the test drive in stores all over the country 、 The main engine factory is responsible for the exhibition of vehicles , The insurance is in Shanghai .

ID.4 CROZZ here , In terms of geographical distribution , Beijing 、 Chengdu is ID.4  CROZZ In the first half of the year, in the main domestic consumer markets . It is worth noting that , In Beijing, ID.4 ID.4 CROZZ Basically, they are used by individuals and units ( Non operating vehicle ), In Chengdu, it mainly operates vehicles ,6 Of the month 378 The number of cards on the car is ,319 Vehicles are operating vehicles .

Some netizens in Chengdu mentioned , This year, 7 month , FAW Volkswagen's travel company —— Mojie travel , Online in Chengdu ID.4 CROZZ As a shared car .

In the recent flood in Henan , FAW Volkswagen will travel through Mojie again 500 platform ID.4 CROZZ Support Zhengzhou . People familiar with the matter told the market , This move is killing two birds with one stone , Both reflect the corporate responsibility , Digested another part of the vehicle .


in other words , Dig out the operating vehicles ,ID The sales volume of the series is not bright , Compared with individual car owners, the sales volume accounts for more than 90% Weilai automobile 、 Ideal car , The gap is a little wider .

Facing the situation of ice and fire in the domestic market and international market , The public is also worried . Dis recently proposed , Volkswagen Group must change the sales model of electric vehicles according to local conditions in the Chinese market , To deal with the current situation of poor sales .

What's wrong with Volkswagen's sales model ?

The channel is weak

According to dis , Electric cars don't sell , The main point is that the terminal suck up . that , Let's look at the terminal first .

In order to promote the sales of electric vehicles , The north and South masses have adopted a new agency model , That is, select some of the original dealers , Let them sell electric cars in their own stores , Exhibition car 、 The ownership of the test drive belongs to the manufacturer , The agency store is responsible for the display of vehicles 、 Invitation 、 A test drive 、 Delivery and after sales , Rely on volume and service to get commission .

The public knows the pricing 、 Billing , Shunting again , Payment will be in the public's APP Or in a small program , The goal is to achieve a unified national price .

SAIC's distributor service is also mentioned in the official account , During the sales process, we must guide customers to give positive comments . In this way, people can't help but think of the intermediary of chain home , Also, a suite will be in APP Last evaluation .


FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen have 1000 Around home 4S shop , channel yes The key factor supporting the sales volume of North and South Volkswagen . Rely on these dealer stores , at present ID The series has more than 700 Agents .

The advantage of this is , The dealer got rid of the manufacturer's trouble of pressing inventory all the time , You can fight easily , At the same time, there is no need to build new stores ; For manufacturers , You can quickly open channels with the help of the original network .

But the reality is not as beautiful as imagined .

First half of this year , In the ranking of fuel vehicle sales in the domestic market , FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen ranked first and second respectively , The sales volume of FAW Volkswagen reached 102 Ten thousand units , SAIC Volkswagen's Langyi model sold more than in the first half of the year 18 Ten thousand units .

For the vast number of dealers of North and South Volkswagen , Holding a golden rice bowl like a fuel car , It's hard to have the motivation to sell electric cars .

According to relevant sources , North and South Volkswagen in order to stimulate the sales of electric vehicles , The commission given by a single car is nearly 1 Ten thousand yuan . But for salespeople , The success rate of electric vehicle sales is very low , And the process is complex , It is necessary to install charging piles for users from product introduction to service . Compared with Weilai 、 Ideal and other new models that separate sales and delivery , The salesperson is still struggling ( Coupled with the problem of product power ), Commission incentives are also less attractive .

Traditional fuel vehicles can carry out extended services in the maintenance link after sale , But there is basically no demand for electric vehicles , The after-sales service of the store is also a A question .

One bought ID.4 X The owner of the car told the city , Ideal 、 Weilai's after-sales service may be better .


It's hard to sell fuel vehicles in the same store , Volkswagen has also tried to open a separate supermarket store , The method is also to select the best from the dealers , Support them to open separate supermarket stores . According to the Huaxia times , At present, SAIC Volkswagen has built nearly 30 A supermarket store .

And fuel vehicle sales opened the physical division , Is the car easy to sell ?

A person familiar with the matter told the city about such a case : FAW Volkswagen is less than... Away from Jiading, Shanghai 2 There are two supermarket stores every kilometer , It's from the same dealer , One of them is still on the fourth floor of the mall . This is a very unreasonable location . As a reference , Tesla and Weilai are in Beijing 、 The average store distance in Shanghai is 3.5-4 km .

They also disclosed that , These two stores in Jiading , In principle, there is one company that cannot be approved , But you may be familiar with the Department that manages the channel of the company , There used to be a lot of cooperation in the fuel vehicle business , So it passed with one eye open and one eye closed .

In the eyes of many people in the industry , Direct marketing is the key to the success of Tesla and other new energy vehicle enterprises , Only direct sales , Can we really grasp the service and price .

One of the great advantages of ideal car is that all stores are directly operated ; And Wei Lai is in a difficult period , Some investors have joined stores , At the recent Weilai Q2 conference call , Li Bin stressed that the existing franchise stores will withdraw their authorization , After that, Wei Lai NIO House and NIO Space Will adopt the direct marketing mode completely .

The most typical negative case is Weima , Weima has adopted the mode of combination of direct marketing and agency since its inception , Price confusion in different channels . before , Weima Beijing store sales told the market ,2020 paragraph EX5 Can offer 4.1 Ten thousand yuan . And consumers who pay attention to Weima tell the market , The price difference between different cities is as high as forty or fifty thousand yuan , How can I buy it ?

however , Can Volkswagen do direct marketing ?


Traditional car manufacturers, including Volkswagen , Most are better at production and wholesale , Not retail . This means that it will be difficult for manufacturers to do direct marketing , We need to face resistance from dealers at the same time , In the dealer channel , The propulsion of electric vehicles is not easy . This situation seems to have no solution .

An insider mentioned , If VW's new energy sales continue to be poor , That may turn pressure into power , Build your own self operated network . Most critical , Or how to make the electric car cake bigger , So that dealers can make money from selling electric vehicles , Or the manufacturer will make money together with the direct sales in the end .

Want to make the cake bigger , It depends on whether the public has products that can be sold .


Big brother left behind


Many people mentioned to the market ,ID The series is electric cars , But far from being a smart car .

Before Tesla was born , Many auto enterprises represented by BYD , The focus is on how to convert power from fuel to battery .

We call Tesla the apple of the automotive industry , The reason is that it redefines the underlying architecture of the car .

2019 end of the year ,《 Time 》 The weekly named the top ten electronic products of the past decade , Apple dominates the list with three products , Tesla's Model S Second place .《 Time 》 The reason given by the weekly magazine is :“ tesla Model S With software update function (OTA)、 Huge touch screen and advanced automatic driving system , It makes it feel like it's from 2022 Years on , instead of 2012 year .”

Tesla makes cars from a mechanical product , Into a digital product . Just as apple has turned mobile phones from feature phones to smartphones , Cars are also changing from functional cars to smart cars .


But what the public is doing now , Or at the level of vehicle electrification . And the driving force of this transformation , It may come largely from environmental pressure .

As a European car company , Volkswagen Group bears great pressure on environmental protection .2015 year 10 month , stay “ Drain valve ” A month after the incident , The public quickly proposed to develop MEB Plan for modular pure electric platform , And announced the investment 70 Billions of euros .

however , Only electrification , Obviously, it has been difficult to satisfy the appetite of Chinese consumers . Can't support OTA( Online upgrade ) Of ID.4, In the current Chinese electric vehicle market , As if from the last century .

According to the story of Cheshi , A Volkswagen employee who has left said ,“ The Germans just don't understand , On mechanical technology , They are the boss . But intelligence is different , last year ID.3、 A series of software negative events on golf have proved this . And under the baptism of new forces , Chinese consumers have been raised , What voice assistant , What full screen , Consumers haven't seen ? In contrast ,ID.4 This car machine is like that of the last century .”

In the age of fuel vehicles , The public can copy the successful experience in the European market , After all, as the birthplace of modern automobile industry , The German market is far ahead of China . But in the age of electrification , Europe is clearly behind .

In the European market , Consumers are willing to pay for such electric vehicles out of environmental protection . But in the Chinese market , After the market education of Tesla and the new forces of car making , It is obviously difficult for consumers to be interested in it .

stay ID. Series currently Price range of , Consumers have too many choices . Against the backdrop of peers ,ID. Look too dark .


Who moved the cake ?


that , Why is the public in such a situation ?

Channel issues and product issues , In the final analysis, it is the problem of organizational structure . A huge system around fuel vehicles has been running for decades , Change your face in an instant , This involves manufacturers 、 Distributor 、 The supply chain is a huge chain , Wherever you move, you will face great resistance .


Of course , The plight of the public , Trapped are all fuel car companies .

An old employee of a Korean car company told the market , To be intelligent 、 Making software , The salary of a senior software engineer is forty or fifty thousand yuan a month , This is equivalent to a minister's salary . If you want to build an intelligent team of hundreds of people , The labor cost is too high , Other old employees can't accept .

however , The new energy business organization is not independent , Distributor 、 investors 、 Manufacturers can't be independent , There is no way to focus on new business . OEMs should play a game between fuel vehicles and electric vehicles , With the sales of thousands of electric vehicles , It is difficult to snatch resources from the fuel vehicle business , This is a problem that can only be solved at the top of the company .

Adjust the personnel structure , It means hiring and criticizing people , Promote a group of people , Drop a group of people , Lay off a group of people , For joint ventures such as North South Volkswagen and the Volkswagen group itself , It's not easy .

A few years ago, it was denounced by the traditional main engine factory as a new force of inexperienced car making , It happens that there is no burden of fuel vehicles , Can be light and simple ; meanwhile , The blessing of capital allows them to attract talents 、 More abundant in technology introduction .

at present , The industry has formed a consensus ,2025 Years later, , New energy will usher in a critical period of development , So in 2025 Can there be good products in , And lay channels , It's a big test . Xiaomi is not afraid to throw money at making a car , I'm afraid I can't grasp the time window .

Leave to 84 Years of public time , Maybe it's really not much . Nokia's lesson , The distance is not far . picture

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