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Want to 'Hao'? The only choice for luxury pure electric SUV

2021-08-24 20:07:39 Oriental Information automobile

With the tide of new energy vehicles , Various manufacturers have released their own representative new energy products , Among them, there are many major emerging new energy brands , Seeing that the new energy vehicle market is almost occupied , Mercedes Benz and Audi also released their own representative works —— Mercedes EQC、 audi e-tron), And our protagonist today is luxury pure electricity SUV Mercedes Benz in EQC.

Mercedes EQC) Located in pure electric medium-sized enterprises SUV, As a pure electric vehicle , Range is the most important , And Mercedes EQC In the field of pure electricity at this stage , Not very good , It can only be said to be ordinary , Maybe Mercedes Benz spent its R & D energy on the appearance and interior , Not outstanding in power in the field of pure electricity . Mercedes EQC The price after subsidy is 56.38-60.68 Ten thousand yuan , There are two models for consumers to choose from , Mercedes Benz is the only manufacturer that dares to sell 600000 in terms of endurance , After all, that bid is worth 20 ten thousand .

Visible luxury

Mercedes EQC The appearance belongs to the kind of visible luxury , Just looking from a distance , I think it's luxurious and different , There is one saying. , In this way, it does have a kind of visible luxury , Mercedes EQC Intelligent geometric beam is adopted LED headlight , It looks very futuristic , The middle logo is bigger than the front logo of other models in the family , No wonder the price is so expensive , I dare say that this standard is relatively large , Mercedes EQC A dynamic 19 " AMG Wheel hub , It looks very sporty , I don't know. I thought it was a AMG SUV Well .

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