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Honda's most handsome, popular and fastest 100000 class sedan

2021-08-24 20:07:44 Oriental Information automobile

Honda has always been famous for making high-quality cars , In addition to the very good quality , Honda is also excellent in appearance design , Basically, we can grasp the public's aesthetics every time , Timely update and replace the latest models that are most in line with the public taste , The ten generations of civic in the picture above is one of its masterpieces that are good at grasping the public's Aesthetic Psychology .

In appearance design , The Honda civic () The front face adopts the latest Facebook design of Honda family , The wide chrome plated trim strip on the middle net extends to the headlights on both sides , With a high degree of identification . The big headlights on both sides are also quite sharp , The whole front is designed to be flat , With a strong athletic style !

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