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FAW doesn't lose BBA for standard replacement. The new car has a handsome appearance and fuel consumption is only 6.3l

2021-08-24 20:13:47 Oriental Information automobile

The progress of domestic cars in recent years is obvious to all , But careful people will find , At present, most of the domestic car enterprises with very high sales volume are private car enterprises , The state-owned car enterprises are still far behind , However, after FAW changed the standard again, the sales volume increased a lot , In fact, many owners make complaints about them , FAW's logo is really a little out of date , The car is pretty good , But the logo is really a little “ Falling price ”, But FAW also learned from the pain , Its sub brand Pentium , With a new logo , Got a monthly sales volume of more than 7000 Good result , It's Pentium T77. For young people ,9 Wan Qi has a high appearance value SUV, Than H6 More practical

The new logo is a simple vertical zigzag , It looks simple and fashionable , I don't lose at all BBA. But how do you look like Lincoln , Maybe it's a preconceived concept , Galloping T77() There is no reason for success , First of all, its appearance is very handsome , The area of China net is very large , And it's still a little formal design, fashionable and handsome , Matrix headlights are connected with China Grid , The zigzag logo is placed in the middle of the China open , Plus the recessed air inlet below , What the front face shows is a sense of fashion and dynamic

The body is also very full , The straight lines and the suspended roof also made him a little more domineering , Spoiler and full tail , For Pentium T77 Add dynamic , Although Pentium T77 It's a compact SUV, Even the length of the car is not enough 4.6 rice . But from the actual effect , The whole car is very generous .

The interior design has a sense of future , The layout of the center console is very simple , The Dark Brown Trim improves its grade , The intelligent control system of human-computer interaction makes it more scientific and technological , The seats are beige, clean and generous , It's also very warm , At the same time, on the top model , There are also two-dimensional villains specially used for human-computer interaction , Very novel

motivation , It USES the 1.2T The engine of , Can give full play to 143 horsepower , Because the displacement is very small , So it's also very fuel-efficient , Its official fuel consumption is only 6.3 l /100km, For a model, the starting price is close to 9 For 10000 models , Although the cost performance is not as good as H6 So high , But the fashionable style is still popular with young people .

source : China Star circle

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