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Lingke 01 is afraid of a good car! Bose audio + 4WD with lock, no match for acceleration

2021-08-24 20:32:15 Oriental Information automobile

At present, most young people are relatively weak because of their economic strength , When they choose a car, the first consideration is the price , The second is fuel economy . And over the years SUV The heat does not decrease , And SUV It is sought after by consumers because of better trafficability and good comfort . So for young people, compact SUV Has become a top priority model , And with the development of domestic SUV The rise of , The pressure of joint venture vehicles is also quite great , The greater the competition, of course, it will be more beneficial to consumers , After all, we have received real benefits in terms of price . At the same time, Harvard H6、 The kei GS4 Compared with the joint venture cars at the same level, they are sought after by consumers because of their higher cost performance . And Geely launched Lingke 01 And the Great Wall VV5 In this field, Harvard H6 higher . Lian Lingke 01 I'm afraid of a good car !bose sound + 4WD with lock ,20 There is no match for 10000 level acceleration .

But today we want to talk about the strength of a car, lianlingke 01 Be afraid , It's the famous Baron that just appeared on the market HS. mg HS Positioning as compact SUV, Once it was launched, it was popular with consumers , This is because its quality control performance is better than Lingke 01 and VV5 Much better . Besides , It also offers a five-year warranty for after-sales services , Enough to show its sincerity . In terms of fuel economy , Its fuel consumption is only 6.8L, Combined with its relatively low price , Naturally, its cost performance is superior to that of Lingke 01 and VV5.

At the same time, mingjue HS Or based on a product made by young people , Although it falls into the minority , But as long as it can meet the needs of consumers , Then it's worth it . Besides , mg HS I don't think any other models in the same level can compare with it , Its starlight forward air grille is very exquisite , The headlight groups on the left and right penetrate people's hearts like sharp swords , At the same time, the towering front also shows the atmospheric feeling of the front face . Let's go to the side , Silver pedals and hatchback roof , Supplemented by the rose red car surface and the car body design in line with sports fluid , Naturally, its sports temperament also reveals the breath of fashion , How can this not satisfy consumers . And the bilateral exhaust pipe at the tail and the silver departure angle are more exquisite . Combined with the length, width and height, they are 4574*1876*1685mm Vehicle size , mg HS The sense of compactness is also obvious .

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