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New cars for home and business? Langyi recently offered a maximum discount of 25000 yuan, starting from 74900 yuan

2021-08-24 20:32:19 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Meizhou recently announced Langyi's preferential market in the region : At present, Langyi has the highest discount for car purchase 2.5 Ten thousand yuan ,7.49 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of Langyi . In terms of appearance design , Langyi keeps up with the current fashion trend , More refined shape 、 fashion 、 The dynamic 、 The whole looks a lot atmospheric , Classic banner chrome plated medium mesh 、 Steady LED Headlights , Make the whole vehicle look very fashionable and classic , It is worth mentioning that the use of soft lines is mixed with fierce effect , The visual effect has a very strong sense of motion and three-dimensional , Richer design , It also improves the identification . Body size , Langyi's side line design style is more inclined to the tough design style , The lines are very straight and smooth , The waistline of the car body has a full sense of strength , The upper waistline extends from the front to the rear , The stretching effect is very prominent , Very in line with the contemporary trend design concept . From the side, you can see that there are chrome plated decorative strips under the window glass , It increases the sense of grade of the overall side and is more beautiful . Langyi's rim adopts a multi spoke design , It looks very cool , It also improves the overall trend and temperament of the car . In the tail , The tail lamp has a unique shape , The rear surround is very prominent , The tail rises slightly , Look at the hierarchy , Adopt double-sided two-way exhaust layout . The overall appearance design is fashionable and dynamic , It is also one of the favorite models of many families ! Trim board , Straight lines are simple and smooth , Although the through silver trim has a certain effect on improving the grade of the center console , But the overall plastic feeling is strong , Especially mechanical instrument panel and embedded central control panel , Still " Do not want to repent ". motivation , Volkswagen Langyi provides 1.2T The engine ,1.4T Engine and 1.5L The engine , among 1.2T and 1.4T Engine matching 7 Double clutch gearbox .1.5L Engine matching 5 Manual or 6 Self - contained gearbox . Chassis suspension , Volkswagen Langyi adopts the front McPherson independent suspension , Rear torsion beam type independent suspension . Comfort configuration level , Langyi's exterior rearview mirror supports electric adjustment 、 Heating and automatic reverse roll down , While improving comfort, it is also more safe and convenient . The whole car window is lifted and lowered by one piece and the rear row 2 individual USB Interface configuration , Take better care of the use experience of passengers . Besides , The rear seats supporting proportional reclining also greatly improve the flexibility of interior space , More comfortable to use .

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