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Should guests with their own tire oil be treated differently?

2021-08-24 20:49:05 New automobile Chronicle

The off-season of the industry is coming to an end every summer , From the frequency of information released by the circle of friends , The business of the store has indeed improved a little , We began to share the maintenance cases of guests again .

Tell the truth , The off-season is only temporary , Get over it . But some troubles have been bothering many stores that do fast repair and fast maintenance . For example, there are many door-to-door guests now , They all like to bring their own oil and tires . Famous for its name :“ I bought it for an event , cheap ! Change it for me .”

This kind of business is not done yet , I believe every shop owner has a steelyard in his heart . With the development of auto parts retail , There will only be more and more such things in the future . So these “ Special guests ”, Should they be treated differently ?


The phenomenon of bringing products into stores is very common

Maybe everyone is more or less concerned about bringing their own oil into the store 、 Customers of vulnerable parts such as tires have some opinions , Some are new guests in the community around your store , Some are old customers who used to consume in their own stores .

Although oil and tires are just needed for car maintenance , But it's not as high-frequency as car washing . A simple example , The engine oil is usually changed once a year , There's no problem with a new tire for four years . So for these customers who bring their own products into the store , You want to find a breakthrough in him , Just have to wait a long time .

The result of that , The products they represent in their shop are not sold , Each order can only earn a poor man hour fee , Sometimes people complain about the poor service . After all, now people usually make public comment as a kind of word-of-mouth platform , Just one complaint , That's enough for you .

And now customers are smarter than before , With the increasing transparency of Internet Information , Word of mouth has also moved from offline to online . therefore , Some businesses prefer not to take this order and don't earn this man hour fee , I don't want to take the risk , Considering that the oil and tire market is still relatively complex , I'm afraid users buy fake engine oil 、 Fake tires or something , Finally, the problem depends on yourself , Do more harm than good .

Of course , There are also some individual bosses who have agreements with customers , For example, bring your own oil 、 Tire and other products , The store is only responsible for the warranty of the installation process , But not negative for the after-sales service of the product itself ; Some bosses will educate their customers in advance , For example, instill in customers “ Online fake engine oil 、 There are many fake tires ” etc. .

Whatever you do “ intervention ” methods , At present, the price of automobile vulnerable parts has been pierced step by step , The gross profit is gradually reduced , You can't stop customers from buying goods of the same quality at a more favorable price .


These guests should be “ Differential treatment ” Do you ?

Before, Xiaobian visited a comprehensive repair factory in Chuansha area of Pudong , The boss said frankly 5 Business is the worst in January , Even... Every day 10 The car didn't enter the store , But in the 6 It didn't get better until mid June .

“ Business is not good, actually , It's almost this time of year , I'm used to it . But some guests bring their own oil , Some even pull new tires directly from the trunk to install . You do it for him , You can't make money on your own ; Don't do it , And I'm afraid people will give bad comments outside , It won't come again ......” The person in charge, Lao Liu, expressed helplessness .

according to the understanding of , In addition to accident car maintenance, this store , Also do daily oil change 、 A change of tire , And with a car wash station . In terms of engine oil, mainly shell and Mobil , In terms of tires, we transfer goods from upstream traders on demand .

Recent years , More and more customers bring their own products into the store , Ask about the price , The customer's purchase price is not much higher than the cost price of finding an agent to pick up the goods , There's really no way .

In limine , Lao Liu is a little resistant to these customers , In order not to affect their reputation , This list is still taken , But when you serve, you consciously “ use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods ”, Did not fully follow their own standard process . Until once, because a customer changed the oil but didn't change the filter , It aroused Lao Liu's vigilance .

after , Lao Liu also met guests who thought they brought their own oil , Just like the previous guest , Still not equipped with filter . Lao Liu tried to explain the relationship between engine oil and filter to the customer , Focus on “ When changing the engine oil, the filter must be changed at the same time ” This problem unfolds .

After listening to Lao Liu's explanation, the customer , Decided to purchase a new machine filter from him , Lao Liu still follows the process of his shop , Have the technician change the oil and filter , And gave the customer a car wash , And handed over his business card and promotion list .

Sure enough , In a few months , The customer came to the house for maintenance because the engine idled unsteadily , Finally, Lao Liu checked that there was a problem with the spark plug , The problem was solved after replacement .

This simple case , What message does it send ? Just tell everyone , For customers with their own products , We don't have to treat each other differently , Because customers in the automotive aftermarket , Not just products , It's more about buying services . The service was up to standard , In the future, it can also be used as an opportunity for transformation .


In essence, it is a new customer operation , Transformation is the key

Whether it's your own oil tires , It's the first time I came to repair the car , For any store “ New customers ”.

There are many individual bosses 、 Husband and wife shop , They all think that the goal of drainage activities is to attract new customers , But many people after the activity , Added customer wechat , But I don't know what to do next .

obviously , It's wrong to wait for others to provide consulting services , But you send promotional messages to others without warning , It's also inappropriate .

New passenger camp , In fact, it is to preserve and transform . Guests enter your wechat through activities , Or in the wechat group , The purpose is to have more affordable services in the future .

But because the situation of each store is different , The level of technicians in the store is also uneven , So even if you plan well , In the actual operation of the store , There will still be all kinds of problems .

Now , If you don't know how to make up for it through information communication , Then the probability of this new customer turning into an old customer is almost 0. therefore , We can start from the standard communication in the service process , Start to solve .

What is the standard communication of service process ? The specific steps are as follows :1、 Confirmation of service quotation ;2、 Completion time commitment ;3、 Feedback of construction progress , Especially the progress of overnight car or the communication in advance of delayed delivery ;4、 Delivery specifications ( Quality testing 、 Core 、 Vehicle cleaning );5、 Construction quality return visit ;6、 Due back to store reminder

I Believe , If the services of these communication nodes can be implemented in place , Customers will get a very good experience , Many problems can also be fed back in time in these communication nodes .

Sometimes the service in front of us is very good , But it began to relax at the end of the car wash , This is mentally harmful to the customer . Because a clean car , The customer's own perception comes first , He can see it directly in his eyes . Not like oil 、 This kind of tire , I don't know until I use it , Perception is relatively weak . Stores should grasp the mind of customers , Form stickiness , Often the first step is to return the car to the customer .

But these steps , How to make employees implement in place ? One possible way is to do maintenance for each 、 beauty 、 Customers with large orders such as maintenance , Build an exclusive service wechat group , There's a boss in there ( Stealth is recommended )、 Front desk or customer service and construction leader .

In the current market pattern , Most of the traditional stores on the market are actually defenders , The Internet chain platform is the attacker . Traditional stores first have customers , So it's dominant , The platform makes great efforts to rob customers, so it has to burn money . But the defensive city of traditional stores is not strong enough , The means of retention are too low , Lead to the current passive .

therefore , Our key priority is to iterate the marketing means in our hands , Keep your old customers . Recently, private domain traffic operation is very popular in the industry , In fact, it's such a thing . If you don't pay attention to , Then the traffic flow will continue to decline in the next few years , I'm afraid it's inevitable .

To sum up , Customers with their own oil and tires are not terrible , The terrible thing is that you don't know how to serve these customers , Prepare for the transformation of later Services , I hope today's simple sharing can attract everyone's attention .

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