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Find the culprit of fuel consumption! The small carbon canister is hundreds of pieces! Have you been fooled by the repair shop?

2021-08-24 20:49:14 New automobile Chronicle

8 month 9 Friday night 12 Our country has ushered in 2021 In the first 15 Secondary steam / Diesel retail price adjustment . This time, China's automobile industry / The retail price of diesel oil is in “ Be stranded ” It's over , After all, right now 92 The price of No. 1 gasoline exceeds 7 element , It's too expensive ! So the drivers make complaints about oil prices besides Tucao , More attention is paid to the fuel consumption itself .

In the past, we talked a lot about how to save fuel from a technical point of view , So it's not the subject of today's article . Today, let's talk about a topic , This is also what several car owners have asked me recently —— The car suddenly felt fuel consumption scraping upward , It is said that the carbon canister is broken , Generally speaking, replacing the carbon canister can repair .

Filling the fuel tank will not cause injury to the canister

There's nothing wrong with refueling to automatic jump gun !

Others said , Drive your car to the garage , The other party removes the carbon canister without saying a word , Without saying a word, take out a new replacement …… Then open your mouth and offer hundreds of yuan …… More riders said , Read a lot of articles or videos on the Internet “ Always fill up with oil , Is the cause of damage to the carbon canister ”. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner “ Don't fill the tank too full at ordinary times ”.

So what is the truth ?—— The author goes straight to the point :1. Carbon cans are hard to break .2. Even if it's broken, you can see it yourself ! as for “ The gas is too full ” My theory is nonsense ! Because the car's fuel tank is full “ Jump gun ” It's just to the tank “ Design upper limit ” nothing more . In fact, there is still some space above the fuel tank ( This is reserved by the design ,“ Safety margin ” Get to know ?).

Next, let's reveal something about the carbon canister ! Let's explain from the beginning , Why can't carbon canister break easily , Why do you say that once the carbon canister breaks , The owner himself can detect it at the first time .—— When you understand the following analysis , You will see , Suddenly ! Let's start with the principle of carbon canister .

Of the canister system “ First job ”

Absorb the gasoline vapor in the tank

Gasoline is a highly volatile substance , Generally speaking, it's easy “ gasification ”. As soon as the gasoline bottle is opened , In a few seconds, people standing nearby can smell the pungent smell of gasoline , That's the truth . Gasoline volatilizes quickly , Pour a bottle of gasoline into a washbasin , It's on the ground , Not a drop left in two or three days .

Gasoline is the same in the tank . If the tank cap is not closed , The gasoline will come out of the filler “ Get out of the way ”, A tank of gasoline is gone in ten days and a half months . But normal car fuel tank covers are tightly closed , Gasoline can't “ Get out of the way ”, It can only continuously volatilize into gas inside the oil tank , This is gasoline vapor .

Gasoline vapor is constantly generated , If it is discharged in vain , That's a naked waste ! So we need to use one thing to “ Recycling ” Gasoline vapor . This thing is —— Carbon canister . It's filled with activated carbon , We know that activated carbon has strong adsorption effect , Therefore, the gasoline vapor can be absorbed —— This is the of the carbon canister “ First job ”.

Of the canister system “ Second job ”

Peak shaving and valley filling : Give the engine “ Make up oil ”

Because the carbon canister is filled with activated carbon , So the absorbed gasoline vapor will not return to the tank by itself , How to use this gasoline ?—— It's simple ! After the engine starts , Rely on the suction force of the engine , If you suck this gasoline vapor into the engine, it's not over ?—— So the canister still has “ Second job ”: Peak shaving and valley filling . When speeding up , The engine is in urgent need of a lot of gasoline , The gasoline vapor in the carbon canister is sucked into the engine !

So-called “ Peak shaving and valley filling ” Well understood. , And our residents use electricity is the same reason : At night, the residents put out their lights and went to bed , Most businesses are also closed , So at night ( Especially at midnight 、 In the morning 、 In the early morning ) Our electricity consumption plummeted , Power plants are 24 It doesn't stop for hours . At this time, the power generation is > Consumption of .

Everyone is working hard during the day , The machinery of the factory is also fully started , So it consumes much more electricity than at night . In other words, the whole society's desire for power supply during the day is very high , But the power generation of power plants will not increase exponentially . Then we can establish “ Energy storage power station ”, Store the surplus power at night , Wait until the day is released , Play a “ Peak shaving and valley filling ” The role of . Isn't that the same with carbon cans ?

The principle of the carbon canister system is very simple

Don't tear it down and replace it with a new one !

So the principle of the carbon canister itself is very simple . One filled with activated carbon , A jar with a vent + An engine computer-controlled solenoid valve = Carbon canister system .—— So why did the author say that the carbon canister is difficult to break at the beginning ? You think, a plastic can filled with activated carbon , Just such a simple thing , Make it bad ? I'm afraid it's really difficult ! In addition to being soaked in gasoline for a long time , It's really hard to think of other bad ways ……

And control the canister suction 、 What if the exhalation solenoid valve breaks ?—— does “ The valve is normally open ”、“ The valve is normally closed ”2 It's just a situation .“ The valve is normally open ” It will cause fuel consumption to rub up ; and “ The valve is normally closed ” It will cause the smell of gasoline to be so strong that even patients with rhinitis can smell ……

And if the solenoid valve breaks down, it will burst the fault light ! Is there a light on the dashboard that I've never seen before , Car owners can't see ?—— That's why the author said that if the carbon canister system really broke down , The owner can see ( Or smell ) Why . So I've always been opposed to the indiscriminateness of some repair shops , Come up and remove the carbon canister , Then they say they need to be replaced …… Um. , You'll see ! Not much said , Afraid of being assassinated !

The carbon canister or pipeline of old vehicles is aging

Targeted inspection should be strengthened

In fact, the problems caused by the carbon canister system are often some old cars , Because of the aging of plastic parts , This led to cracks in the canister shell , Or the connecting pipe clip is loose 、 Crackle , Cause gasoline vapor leakage , It's easy to induce high fuel consumption ( And there are security risks ), And the fault light will not be on , So it's easy to ignore .

Therefore, the inspection of old cars needs to be strengthened , Except for the carbon canister , The same is true for other components . After all “ Cars are like people ”, If you don't like it, you can't ! Of course, if you want to reduce your spending on fuel money on weekdays , One is to plan the route for each trip , Do everything possible to avoid congestion ; Second, make full use of all kinds of popular “ come on. APP”, How much discount can be collected , No weeding, no weeding !

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