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With t engine must be good? Self priming engine tells you: I'm the mainstream of family cars

2021-08-24 20:54:58 Oriental Information automobile

A very popular saying before , I have a turbine in my heart and drive everything T, It means , If your car is 2.0L Self priming engine , As long as you think it's turbocharging , Then he is 2.0T. Many novice buyers will be affected by this , I think it's better to buy a turbocharged engine than a self-priming engine , In fact, I think it's better to buy self-priming , Why do you say that? , And listen slowly . belt T The engine must be good ? The self-priming engine tells you : I'm the mainstream of family cars !

According to the urban road conditions , Even if you have a liquid nitrogen jet in your car , You have to wait for the traffic light honestly , And most sections cannot exceed 60 The speed of , Tell me where self-priming is better than turbocharging .

The first point , The power output of the self-priming car is smoother than that of the turbocharged engine , People who have experienced both models should have a deep understanding , Self inhalation is to take a breath and leave , The turbine has to wait for boost time , No matter how good it is, there will be this time period , It can only be said that this time period will be less . Before that, it was the same way as self suction . For ordinary family cars , If it wasn't for the ejection start , There is no need to bring a turbine

Second point , Self priming car is more convenient to refuel , Refueling is generally 92 No. or better . Turbocharged parts require high-grade gasoline , Regardless of the price, you go to a slightly remote area , Maybe there's no gasoline of your brand , Just like the area west of Lhasa ! You find someone who has 95 It's hard to find gas stations for No. 1 gasoline .

The third point , Turbocharging breaks down more easily than self-priming engines , On average, self-priming 20 One overhaul per 10000 km , Turbine may 7 Ten thousand kilometers need to be repaired . In later use , The use cost of self-priming engine is lower than that of turbocharging

Fourth, , Self priming is more fuel-efficient , Turbocharging really saves fuel when running at high speed , But the family often runs more downtown , In general, it's better to suck yourself in order to save money . Four points above , Is the advantage of self-priming vehicles over turbocharged vehicles , Simply speaking , If it's just for family , There is no need to use a turbocharged engine at all , Of course , If you have faith , That's another matter .

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