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Won the favor of young consumers

2021-08-24 20:55:02 Oriental Information automobile

The last two years , Public in SUV The field is crazy , and Tanyue is FAW - The second model launched by Volkswagen SUV models , It is positioned as medium-sized SUV, The benchmarking model of the car also points to the Tiguan of SAIC Volkswagen L. Although tanyue listed only 2 In much of your time , But with a relatively balanced performance , It has also attracted the attention of many people . The appearance design has a very good performance , The design concept is relatively novel , The appearance of tanyue is better than that of Tiguan at the same level L Be younger and exercise a little , The headlights are exquisite , Its front face adds more young people's favorite elements to the design language of exploration songs , There is also a honeycomb chain trim in the middle , There is no lack of a dynamic and domineering , It also looks more fashionable and lively , It also increases the recognition of vehicle models , Make the visual impact of the whole grid more full , At the same time, it also won the favor of young consumers . The side of tanyue uses a dynamic three-dimensional waist line , Than Tiguan L That straight line is more dynamic , And provide 19 Inch sporty rim , It strengthens the sense of strength and movement of the side face . The interior of tanyue adopts the latest style of Volkswagen , With a sense of science and technology, the center console has an atmosphere , It is very in line with the positioning of Yishang IKEA . Screen biased to the side of the cab , Make the overall visual effect more scientific and technological , Nowadays, youth and sports have become the most popular design elements in this era , Consumers who advocate young design elements care about their appearance , Also pay more attention to the power of the brand . Tanyue has a large interior space , In order to ensure the comfort of the front and rear row space , Maximize the use of space , Support rear seat fore-and-aft sliding adjustment 、 Backrest angle adjustment , And support 4/2/4 Split, fold down , Good scalability 4 Personal ride is also very comfortable , It doesn't feel crowded . That's why , The rear compartment is in the normal 506 Outside liter volume , It can also be extended to 1590 l , Spatial change is very flexible . The design of the rear has a strong sense of hierarchy , It feels very strong as a whole , The interior shape of the tail lamp has a sense of science and Technology , The effect of night is more glorious than that of day . The silver bumper echoes the front of the car , Wide tail light with concealed exhaust design , Make the overall look more atmospheric .

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