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600 billion a month! The higher you climb, the worse you fall?

2021-08-24 21:00:43 Oriental Information automobile

2020 year , For tesla , From the beginning, there was a lot of trouble !

Beginning of the year , quite a lot Model3 The owner said : The autopilot hardware on the car HW3.0 Reduced to HW2.5 edition .3 month 3 Japan , Tesla official response : Shanghai Super factory 2 month 10 Resume work on the th . Because of supply chain problems , Part of the Model3 The hardware installed on the model is HW2.5. With the recovery of capacity and supply chain , Will upgrade to... For free HW3.0. at present HW2.5 and HW3.0 In the driving experience 、 There is basically no difference in use safety .

But these two models , Is there really no difference ?

According to the official information ,HW2.5 It was customized by NVIDIA , and HW3.0 It is a new platform developed by Tesla itself .HW3.0 The chip has... Per second 2300 Frame processing capacity , yes HW2.5 Of 21 times , Computing power has also improved 7 times . Some netizens speculated : Tesla deliberately “ Reduce configuration ”, It may be to guide users to buy an automatic driving platform FSD.3 month 10 Japan , The Ministry of industry and information technology interviewed Tesla on this matter , Order them to rectify as required , Ensure production consistency and quality safety .

A lot of people don't know ,2019 Tesla was in trouble , It was Shanghai that helped .

2019 In the middle of , Tesla has reached the darkest hour , Insufficient capacity , Executive turnover . Musk can only sell shares to pay employees , The company's share price has fallen all the way . Now , Shanghai has extended a helping hand , And gave it all the way “ A green light ”.2019 year 1 month , Regulations issued by the national development and Reform Commission , Foreign funded new energy enterprises are allowed to set up separate factories in China . same day , Tesla completed the filing .

A lot of people say , What Tesla enjoys in China is “ Treatment of state-owned enterprises ”.

It is the first wholly-owned auto enterprise in China , It is the first foreign-funded enterprise to obtain ultra-low interest loans . Under the green light all the way , It was quickly approved 、 Get the factory land 、 Got a loan . originally decided 2 Tesla super factory built in , It took only a year . In addition to government support , China's consumers also awesome .2019 year , tesla 13% All sales come from China . In China's new energy vehicle market , Tesla is undoubtedly “ Super net red ”.

But this super net red , But a little spoiled .

In addition to changing the chip , Tesla also changed the battery . Some are made in China Model3 Equipped with Panasonic battery , Some of them carry LG The battery , Range difference 20 km , Consumer designation is not accepted yet .1 month , Tesla announces Model3 The price , from 35.5 Ten thousand down to 29.9 ten thousand , This has aroused the dissatisfaction of many old car owners .2 month 19 Japan , Tesla's share price is 917 Dollars a share , To 4 month 2 Japan , Fall to 454 dollar . More than a month , The market value has fallen 50%, evaporation 840 Billion dollars ( RMB 6000 Billion ). Undeniable? , Musk's Tesla is a miracle of the automotive industry . But if you can think more about users , Should be able to do better !

source : China Star circle

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