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Xinbaojun RM5 has a maximum discount of 10000 yuan and 68800 yuan. Is it worth starting?

2021-08-24 21:20:40 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Zhuhai recently announced the new Baojun RM5 Preferential prices in the region : At present, xinbaojun RM5 The highest discount for car purchase 1 Ten thousand yuan ,6.88 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back on xinbaojun RM5 Basic information of . New Baojun RM-5 The appearance design is still very young , The front air inlet grille is painted in black , The decorative design on the upper side has strong impact , The car inlaid in the middle area LOGO It's more exquisite , The design of split lamp group is more fashionable , The air inlet adopts a through design , Very slender . Side body , New Baojun RM-5 A layered waistline running through the front and back is adopted , The lines are smooth and concise , It mainly highlights the overall dynamic style of the vehicle , The visual effect is very good . And the front and rear proportions of the car body are very coordinated , Break away from tradition MPV The old concept of old and bloated models . New Baojun RM-5 The design of the tail is also very cool, with a sense of science and Technology , The split design is adopted in the tail lamp design , Echo with the headlights . And there is a black plastic decoration in the middle , The whole rear of the car is very layered . Below , New Baojun RM-5 No very sporty double outlet exhaust , Instead, a hidden exhaust is used , But it goes well with the overall design style . interiors , The whole interior is very simple and elegant , It also has a sense of science and technology as a whole . And it also has 5 seat ,6 Seat and 7 Three layouts of seats are available to meet different groups . motivation , It was carrying 1.5L and 1.5T Two engines , Equipped with 6 Manual and CVT transmission , The maximum horsepower is 99 The horse and 147 horse , The maximum torque is 143 Niumi and 250 Cattle meters . configuration , Don't forget Baojun RM-5 The positioning of is focused on Intelligent Internet connection MPV, Therefore, it is excellent in intelligent Interconnection . And as a pricing in 10 Models within 10000 yuan , It's equipped with almost 20 Only about 10000 joint venture vehicles can be equipped with active braking system , It can not only realize automatic braking in case of emergency , Besides , In addition to the standard body stability system , It is also equipped with very sincere L2 Level intelligent driving assistance system , It also integrates full speed range ACC Adaptive cruise control , Automatic following and parking , Curve and traffic congestion assistance , There are also high-speed intelligent pilots , There are also functions such as lane departure warning and lane keeping assistance , Configuration can be said to have everything .

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