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Geely "XC60" is selling crazy! The sales volume exceeded 10000 in one month after listing

2021-08-24 21:20:43 Oriental Information automobile

At present, the most popular independent in China SUV models , Except tanks 300 outside , That's Geely's latest star Yue L 了 .

13 About 10000 can buy Volvo 2.0T、 Love letters 8AT、CMA The size of the architecture 5 seat SUV, It can be said that the cost performance is bursting , Also known by netizens as the auspicious version “ Volvo XC60”.

recently , According to media reports , The more lucky star L list 30 The sales volume exceeds ten thousand a day , Reached 11568 car . The car is in 7 month 20 Official listing , Same launch 6 models , Price range: 13.72-18.52 Ten thousand yuan .

The more stars L Geely brand CMA The latest products under the high-end Architecture , Positioned as a big five seat compact SUV, And in appearance 、 interior 、 To configure 、 Good performance in terms of space and power .

From the design point of view, Xingyue L Follow the regular route , The body lines and details are more in line with the aesthetics of domestic consumers , The body size is long 4770mm, wide 1895mm, high 1689mm, The wheelbase 2845mm, It has surpassed many medium-sized enterprises SUV.

The interior , The new car uses a full LCD dashboard 、 Central control multimedia touch screen 、 Triple screen design of copilot display screen , With three spoke multifunction steering wheel , And the design of the gear handle of the yacht , Let the sense of technology and luxury of the new car be displayed .

To further highlight the sense of luxury , The interior of the new car also uses a lot of soft materials and leather , Visual perception also has a relatively advanced feeling .

Dynamic part , The more stars L Full system carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Among them, low-power models 218 horsepower 、 Maximum torque 325 cattle · rice , Transmission matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox ; High power models 238 horsepower , Maximum torque 350 cattle · rice , Gearbox for Ericsson 8AT.

official 0-100km/h Speed up only 7.7s, 100 km braking 37.37 rice , At the same time, the elk test result of the car is 79km/h.


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