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The momentum is not inferior to the land patrol, and the official map of tank 600 is officially released, with off-road luxury

2021-08-24 21:20:46 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 20 The night , Tank, a sub brand of the Great Wall, officially released tank 600 The official figure , It finally showed “ Extraordinary ” Face of , Before that, spy photos were leaked, which attracted a lot of people's attention , The Great Wall did not arouse everyone's appetite, so it published the real car map directly , The car will be on 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show officially appeared on the th , Equipped with the Great Wall self-developed 3.0T V6 Engine and 9AT transmission .

It can be seen from the official picture that the tank 600 A new design idea is adopted , Tanks 300 Hardline cross-country style ,600 The tone of being stable and partial to family is integrated into it , It can take into account urban household and off-road driving , tanks 600 It feels very solemn and grand , The rough lines of the front face give people a strong sense of massiness , Matrix headlights and strong chrome plated grille look very domineering . The small schoolbag at the end is not absent , Still have “ Wildness ” Of .

In terms of size , According to the previous declaration information , tanks 600 The length, width and height are respectively 5070/1934/1905mm, Wheelbase reached 2850mm, In medium and large-scale SUV It's pretty regular in the , It's similar in size to RAND cooluzer , The wheelbase of the two is quite , Much better than Prado , tanks 600 With the blessing of privacy glass, the rear row can provide passengers with a good private space .

tanks 600 The interior upholstery and configuration of the have not been officially announced , But there were spy photos of the interior , We can also see the leopard , The new car will use a suspended central control screen, which is similar to 300 Somewhat different , The latter is the design method of LCD instrument and central control dual screen , tanks 600 Maybe a touch screen will be placed at the co pilot's position to form a three screen linkage , The shift lever area follows 300 Similar design , Due to tanks 600 The positioning is luxury off-road , Therefore, the interior upholstery will also strive in this direction .

motivation , tanks 600 Will carry the self-developed by the Great Wall 3.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 360kW, The peak torque is 500N·m, The thermal efficiency for 38.5%, The match is made by the great wall itself 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Power performance should not pull the hip , There will be 2.0T+9AT as well as 3.0T+48V Light hybrid models launched , Enrich tanks 600 Product line , It also provides consumers with more power choices .

The great wall just launched Harvard H9, And tanks 600 To be more luxurious , The power performance is also better “ Wild ”, The price is estimated to come to 30 Ten thousand yuan , Watch the tanks 600 Market performance of ?

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