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The new design language is adopted and the official drawing of Harvard h6s is released

2021-08-24 21:20:51 Oriental Information automobile

recently , Harvard released its new car H6S Official map of vehicle type , The new car is built on the lemon platform , Positioning in car running SUV. It is reported that , The new car design is inspired by “ Deep Sea Black Shark ”, Let's see what kind of surprise Harvard can bring us this time .

aesthetic , The new car's face is very radical , The oversized air intake grille adopts black mesh structure inside , It looks very sharp . Both sides of the grid are provided with “ Shark pectoral fin ” Design , With the sharp headlamp groups on both sides X Layout , Visual impact pull full , Match the lines of the front hood , It looks very publicized and dynamic .

The body side , The new car adopts a sliding back shape , The roof line is quite smooth , It looks very dynamic . meanwhile , The body adopts double waist line design , The sharp waistline adds a sense of hierarchy to the side of the body . Besides , All new car window frames are made of black trim panels , Match with large sports rims , Further improve the sports atmosphere of the vehicle .

The rear part , The rear of the new car is also dynamic , Equipped with a sharp spoiler , With the exhaust layout of two sides and two outlets , Full marks for sports atmosphere . Besides , The tail lamp group of the new car adopts split design , High recognition when lit . motivation , The new car may be equipped with a set of hybrid system , from 1.5T The engine and motor are composed of , The driving experience is worth looking forward to . More news about new cars , We will continue to pay attention .

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