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What's the difference between home and business models? By contrast, the difference is greater than expected

2021-08-24 21:24:03 Oriental Information automobile

Many people may be curious , What is the difference between the so-called commercial cars and the so-called household models , Today, let's talk about the comparison between some very domestic models and some commercial models , Come and have a look .

take 10 For a family car that can be bought at the level of 10000 yuan , Most people will still choose the Langyi of the public ) Or Nissan's Xuanyi () Of , Although the prices of these two models far exceed 10 Thousands of dollars , But these two cars are still in 10 Ten thousand dollars for this echelon , Besides, the old Langyi and the old Nissan Xuanyi , Still on the market . In fact, I believe many people will pay attention to the low and medium configuration version when buying these two cars , Because the cost performance of high configuration is really not high , But the cost performance of low and medium configuration models is really OK , Because it uses a compact platform , And on the whole, the performance in all aspects is relatively perfect , The sound insulation level is also excellent in this level , But let's talk about configuration , In fact, neither of these cars has any configuration , Especially in low configuration Langyi or Xuanyi , All you need to have is the most basic configuration for driving .

But there is a big difference in the more expensive model , Take Passat () And Nissan's sounds of nature ) Come on , On these two bodies , The configuration is very comprehensive , For example, the number of airbags is obviously more than these compact cars , Another is the texture of driving , After all, both cars use b Platform of first-class vehicle , So whether it's driving stability or overall comfort , I think it's much better than the entry-level car of compact car , But driving this model still has a lot of costs , The first cost is the annual insurance premium , Entry level models like Langyi or Xuanyi , The annual insurance premium is about 3000 yuan , But for this Nissan Teana or Passat , The annual insurance premium should be at least 7000 More than $1 , This is a big difference, and there is fuel consumption , I think Langyi or Xuanyi models , The annual fuel consumption is about 6000 yuan , But for Passat , For the Teana model , The fuel consumption should be at least about 9000 yuan , It's still a small drive, but if you drive it every day, the fuel consumption will be higher .

In fact, there is no right or wrong to choose these two models , It just depends on your choice , One of the most prominent features of compact cars is the low configuration , And the economy is relatively good , Because it uses a small displacement engine , No matter how violent driving , The fuel consumption will not be much higher , At most, it's a kilometer 5 The level of gross money , But for sounds of nature or Passat b The level car , The fluctuation of fuel consumption is very obvious , If you drive in a gentle way , Maybe 100 kilometers is not much different from a compact car , But if you often drive violently , Breakthrough per kilometer 8 Gross money is not a problem . So it depends on how we choose , For those friends who are not well off , I still recommend you to choose compact cars , After all, keeping a car will be cheaper , The burden will be less . But for those who have business needs , Try to choose some Passat or Teana , This kind of car will at least have more face , When talking about business, you will have more confidence . After all, not everyone can accept the idea of starting a compact car to talk about business ,B The first-class car should be very entry-level .

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