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Female "killer"! The domestic "beetle" appeared at the end of the month, with a lovely shape

2021-08-24 21:40:28 Oriental Information automobile

as everyone knows , Great Wall's Euler brand has always been based on loveliness , The positioning is also very accurate , It is mainly female consumer groups , Like Euler's good cat 、 White cat 、 A black cat , They are in appearance and interior design , Are biased towards lovely style , How many girls can resist this “ Temptation ”? It won't take a minute to fall ? Euler has grasped the psychology of consumers , In recent years, in the design of appearance , It can be said that it is more and more inclined to the lovely wind . Euler ballet cat, which will appear at Chengdu auto show this year, is a best example !

Before talking about this car , I have to pull out the name of Great Wall Motors for everyone , There is one saying. , It's true , Its Haval , Dog has become their professional pronoun , For example, Harvard big dog , What husky version 、 Frontier pastoral Edition 、 Labrador version, etc , Of course, there are other middle and high-end brands WEY, The name of coffee is almost occupied by it , And what we call Euler today , The cat's name was also used ! Plus the independent tank brand , In fact, connect these brands , You will find a very beautiful picture in your mind !

Driving a tank , Take cats and dogs to make coffee in the valley ! how ? Is there any such “ Alone ” The mood of ? So it looks like , It seems that a person can live very comfortably , Right ? Cough , Far away , Let's go back to today's theme —— Euler ballet cat !

Ballet , Listen to the name, do you feel very beautiful , EH , It's true , The car is like its name , We can see from the picture above , Its overall appearance is more retro , It smells like a beetle , But without losing the beauty of modernization , And the top still adopts the sliding back modeling design , Look at the past from any angle , There is a cute feeling , If such a design can't impress girls , I really can't think of anything else that can impress girls !

From the side of the car, we can also see , Its whole body is small and lovely , On beauty design , This is completely in accordance with the psychological expectations of female consumers , The combination of retro and modern fashion , It created this sprouting and explosive automobile product , As small as a lamp 、 As big as the whole car frame , All of them are designed according to the sprouting standards in women's hearts ! In fact, the brand of Euler , The purpose is very clear , Is to build cars for female users , How lovely how to come ! So in terms of the appearance of the car , Most of their styles follow a lovely route ! Of course , There are also cool wind , The Euler lightning cat is one of the coolest examples .

At the end

Although the Euler brand is designed to serve female consumer groups , But their products are not single , In addition to the cute wind , They also have a cool super running style , It covers what almost all female user groups think , Want a lovely wind , There are good cats 、 White cat 、 A black cat , And the ballet cat , Cool wind , There are lightning cats , Punk style , There are punk cats , This whole line of products , Can't you get into the eyes of beautiful women ? And in terms of product system , It also needs low-end and low-end 、 High end, high-end , There is little consideration of price , It can be seen that , Euler, whether in product layout , Or in the creation of single products , Always thinking user centric , therefore , After the launch of this Euler ballet cat, it is estimated that it will have to touch the heartstrings of some female users !

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