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What if the handbrake hasn't been released for a while? The handbrake hasn't been released for more than 80 kilometers

2021-08-24 21:40:34 Oriental Information automobile

If the traditional mechanical handbrake is not released, drive , The most direct impact is the accelerated wear of the brake disc and the hardening of the brake pad after heating , The hand brake cable is elongated , This will increase the wear and fuel consumption of the vehicle , If it is serious, it may lead to a car accident . Nowadays, electronic handbrake has gradually replaced the traditional mechanical handbrake , What happens if you drive without turning off the electronic handbrake ?

Actually , The working principle of electronic handbrake is the same as that of mechanical handbrake , The parking brake is controlled by the friction generated by the brake disc and brake pad , However, the electronic handbrake is superior to the mechanical handbrake in terms of safe operation . We don't need to pay much attention to the switch of the electronic handbrake , In the past, the situation of forgetting to turn on the handbrake or forgetting to turn off the handbrake will not happen again in the electronic handbrake .

At present, most electronic handbrake models on the market , Will shut down when we stop 、 After unbuckling , Automatically help us turn on the electronic handbrake ; And when we get on the bus again , Buckle up 、 With the door closed , Just put your foot on the gas , The automatic handbrake will also be automatically released . Furthermore said , If you accidentally pull up the electronic handbrake when driving at high speed , The electronic handbrake will not respond immediately , But when the speed approaches a stop ( It's usually 10KM/h following ), The handbrake will work .

We used to watch similar on some auto forums “ The handbrake didn't release 80 What happens to kilometers ”、“ What happens when the handbrake is pulled up at high speed ” Wait for these questions , Put it in the past , This is a question worthy of discussion . Today, , Electronic handbrake not only meets people's daily parking function , We also strive for improvement in safety and operability , Including self parking (AUTU HOLD) Is the extension of its function .

After switching on the automatic parking system , In traffic jam 、 Traffic light junction , Just put on the brakes , When the car came to a standstill , The system says the car we need the brakes , Will automatically help us pull the handbrake , But to start walking , We just need to step on the gas pedal , The handbrake is released automatically .

The electronic hand brake is suitable for long-time parking , The automatic parking is suitable for use on the road where people walk and stop or when waiting for traffic lights . Both can form an intelligent brake control system , Thus, the temporary braking during driving and the long-term braking after parking are integrated , And the parking brake is realized by electronic control .

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