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Renault's small steel guns are all used to experience duster adventurers

2021-08-24 21:49:03 Oriental Information automobile

about SUV Come on , This is a hot market . as everyone knows , Nowadays, the domestic automobile market SUV How popular it is in the field . So in this ,SUV There are also different divisions of performance . For example, the car running type with relatively good urban driving performance SUV, Or 4WD 、 Outdoor off-road type with better off-road performance SUV. that , Special hunting face is different , Will bring different effects , And such multi-choice also enriches the types of market , Consumers can make reasonable choices according to their specific use degree , So as to achieve satisfaction 、 Practical purposes .

So in public SUV in , The word adventurer has become almost familiar to people . But when it comes to duster , It is estimated that not many people know . Actually, about adventurers , Its full name is Renault - Duster adventurer . The excellent off-road performance of this car makes it sell well in Europe and America . So for many off-road fans , The Dakar Rally must be known to everyone , This model once showed its wild strength in Dakar Rally .

The charm of this car lies in its leather 、 Wild , Like a colliding calf , Not only is it fast , And the skin is rough and the flesh is thick , It's not too much to say it's a bully . From the appearance value , Obviously, there are no gorgeous features , The overall body looks solid and thick . From the front face of this car , The grille adopts the assembly method of chrome plated strip , On both sides LED The headlight and grille are integrally connected . The style of the lower lip is simple , But the area is large , The lamps at the two gills are inlaid with garden wicks in the eye , There seems to be an unexpected bright spot .

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