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B-class cars are getting cheaper and cheaper? The pre-sale price of the new Passat is only 168000 yuan!

2021-08-24 21:49:06 Oriental Information automobile

stay 10 Many years ago , It can drive Passat's people must be rich , At the time 20 The price of about 10000 yuan is enough to pay the down payment for a house in the Third Ring Road of Beijing . And now houses are becoming more and more expensive , And cars are getting cheaper . Influenced by the declining price of luxury brands B Fierce competition between class cars ,B Big brother's sales of first-class cars have fallen sharply , Passat also began to reduce his value , Although the price was relatively high before , But the terminal discount is very big , Hold a candle to 3~4 Ten thousand special offers , Let the actual price of the entry-level model be 17 All around .

Recently, the new Passat will be on the market , Set the starting price directly to 16.8 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the models on sale 18.59 Ten thousand yuan has gone down 17900 element , At present, the new Passat has arrived at the store , It is expected to be in 8 Go on sale at the end of the month .

The appearance of the new car has changed a lot , Change the design style of the past , The front face is changed to dot matrix Chinese open , Also added a light band , Daytime running lights and lower bumpers have also become more sharp 、 The dynamic , The rear tail lamp is changed to a through tail lamp , Compared with the current models, the overall shape is obviously younger . But the interior is still popular , Little has changed .

Passat has no choice but to fall again and again , It seems that this time we are fighting for sales , I don't know whether this renewal and price reduction can boost Passat's sales .

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