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The maximum discount is 25000 yuan, starting from 74900 yuan. What is the proper aristocratic flavor of Langyi's car?

2021-08-24 22:10:21 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Jieyang recently announced Langyi's preferential market in the region : At present, Langyi has the highest discount for car purchase 2.5 Ten thousand yuan ,7.49 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of Langyi . The design of the new Langyi is more atmospheric , It adopts the latest design language of the public , Close to Passat's design , It looks exquisite enough , The inverted trapezoidal forward air grille is integrated with the lamp groups on both sides , Improved the visual width of the new car . The waist line of the car body runs from the front to the parking space , Guiding sight , It looks very slender and elegant on the side of the body . In the tail , The tail lamp has a unique shape , The rear surround is very prominent , The tail rises slightly , Look at the hierarchy , Adopt double-sided two-way exhaust layout . The overall appearance design is fashionable and dynamic , It is also one of the favorite models of many families ! interiors , The interior design of Volkswagen Langyi still continues the design style of Volkswagen family , The center console is mostly outlined with straight lines , Create a very stable business feeling . New Langyi is equipped with 1.5L、1.2T and 1.4T Three sets of engines with different displacement , The most popular one is 1.4T 了 ,110kW Maximum power and 250Nm The peak torque combination can obtain comparable results 2.0L The dynamic effect of natural inhalation . The fuel saving effect of double clutch is particularly prominent , The new Langyi suspension still adopts the structure of front McPherson and rear torsion beam , This is very common in cars of the same class , In addition to meeting daily driving , It can also meet a little fierce driving . Comfort configuration level , Langyi's exterior rearview mirror supports electric adjustment 、 Heating and automatic reverse roll down , While improving comfort, it is also more safe and convenient . The whole car window is lifted and lowered by one piece and the rear row 2 individual USB Interface configuration , Take better care of the use experience of passengers . Besides , The rear seats supporting proportional reclining also greatly improve the flexibility of interior space , More comfortable to use .

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