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The reputation of Volkswagen Tiguan L is so poor, it's better to consider these medium-sized SUVs

2021-08-24 22:15:02 Car 314

Since Dazhong Tiguan entered the Chinese market , This car has great space, super power and good comfort , Won the love of many consumers .

But in the mass Tiguan launch positioning is higher 、 Larger Tiguan L after , Its market reputation does not rise but fall . Except that it's noisy , Low configuration , In addition to poor cost performance , More friends ignore this car because it's safe .

Friends who know this car know , The previous China Insurance Research Institute collision test , SAIC Volkswagen road view L because “ positive 25% Offset crash test ” Poor performance in the project , Together with SAIC Volkswagen Passat, it has become the bottom model . Today, consumers are increasingly concerned about safety , View of the public way L Of “ Collision failure ” It's like digging your own grave .

Under the stacking of various factors , SAIC Volkswagen road view L The sales volume of fell to the altar . With 2020 Take the annual cumulative sales volume as an example , Refer to the statement of the passenger Federation , View of the public way L Compared with the cumulative sales of 2019 The year slipped. 24.8%.

So for what we are about to start SUV For consumers , Is there any car that can become a popular Tiguan L Of “ succedaneum ” Well ? Also don't say , Really have ! today , We 《 vehicle 314》 Let's talk about several joint ventures with good cost performance in the market SUV.

Ford sharp

Manufacturer's guide price :22.98~30.98 Ten thousand yuan

Product highlights : Large space + A big screen + High configuration , Ford cost performance

build SUV, Ford is a professional . Compared with the old model , Although there are more names in this generation of models “Plus”, But this is not the so-called “ Longer version ”, It's more about appearance 、 Upgrade of interior trim and configuration . Because of this , Only in this way can ford Ruijie become the sales force of Ford in China .

aesthetic , edge Plus Continue to provide two appearance styles , among ST-Line Version of Chinanet 、 The shape of bumper and rim is more sporty , It can better meet the car needs of contemporary young consumers . meanwhile ,4878mm And 2850mm The wheelbase , It also makes it a standard medium-sized SUV, The riding space can also be guaranteed .

Compared with the appearance of , New Ruijie Plus The bigger change is in the car , From the previous small screen to the vertical screen , To today's dual screen , The upgrading of the sense of science and technology is obvious to all . Except for the size , The central control interface of this car is very clear , And the Internet of vehicles 、OTA Upgrade and other interconnection functions , The convenience of getting started can also be guaranteed . in addition , Based on cellular vehicle networking (C-V2X) technology , edge Plus It can also realize vehicle 、 Real time interconnection between intelligent infrastructure and urban traffic cloud control platform .

motivation , The new Ford sharp Plus Continue to use 2.0T EcoBoost The engine , Maximum output 245 Horsepower and 390 Nm torque , stay 8AT The matching of the transmission , The handling feeling is quite good . It's worth mentioning , In order to improve everyone's driving atmosphere , The high configuration models of this generation also bring us the original American 4WD system , Whether dealing with urban road conditions , Or cross-country travel , It's all very easy .

Peugeot 5008

Manufacturer's guide price :18.77~26.37 Ten thousand yuan

Product highlights : Change your face and add accessories, and reduce the price , Feel SUV The charm of

hand 20 More than ten thousand , Ready to buy a joint venture 7 Seat medium SUV, Peugeot 5008 How can you bypass ? In this year 4 month , Peugeot 5008 Complete the medium-term reform and listing , The new car is designed for 、 To configure 、 The power and price have been adjusted , The cost performance has been improved again . Therefore, the monthly sales volume has also improved significantly .

all the time , Legal cars focus on Design , And the new Peugeot 5008 Evolve again at the design level , Like the front grille , Shape for borderless , The interior adopts dot matrix design, etc , All have great impact . And interior , New Peugeot 5008 Still follow the family's science fiction style , From the full LCD instrument screen to the suspended central control screen, and then to the two spoke steering wheel , The sense of technology and control can be satisfied , In line with the pursuit of contemporary young users .

It is worth mentioning that , New Peugeot 5008 The interior materials have been improved , For example, local suede materials are added , The sense of class can also be guaranteed . Besides , The car also takes the central control screen from 8 Inch upgrade to 10 Inch , And it's all standard , It once again shows the sincerity of the brand .

As for motivation , In the new car 1.6T On the basis of , And changed 8AT transmission , In other words , New Peugeot 5008 The whole system matches 8AT transmission , Before 1.6T The model matches 6AT transmission , Obviously , The speed of high-speed shift will be further reduced than the old model , So as to better ensure the state of low fuel consumption . in general , As 7 Block joint venture SUV There was a clear stream in the , New Peugeot 5008 The biggest advantage of is design and cost performance , After all, the price of the entry-level version is less than 20 ten thousand .

Leon coldwell Plus

Manufacturer's guide price :22.99-30.99 Ten thousand yuan

Product highlights : Inherit family design , The wheelbase is close to the big brother anko banner

2021 year 6 Month medium SUV In the sales ranking , Buick oncoway sold more than 1.4 Thousands of cars , Ranking first in the same class , It's not hard to understand , Besides ankoway itself , Leon coldwell S And oncoway Plus Also helped a lot , Of course , This also reflects everyone's recognition of this car from the side .

Leon coldwell Plus The overall design continues the Buick family “ Sculpture Aesthetics ” idea , From the front face to the Chinese open , To the headlights , It's really full of details . in addition , In order to meet the needs of high-end users , This car also provides a sub brand model of Avia , Iconic diamond grille design 、 Exclusive Merlot red car color 、 Matrix form LED Headlights and detailed logo, etc , Full of sense of quality .

Leon coldwell Plus The upgrade also comes from the comfort of riding , exceed 4.8 Meters long and 2.8 Meter wheelbase , It is a good guarantee of vision and space . More Than This , The car also offers adaptive cruise control 、 Pedestrian identification 、 Full automatic intelligent parking, etc eCruise Intelligent driving assistance , With the new iterative upgrade Buick eConnect Intelligent interconnection technology , Really make intelligence within reach , Such a car , How can people refuse ?

Of course , Power can also be regarded as the highlight of this car , Based on GM medium luxury SUV Ankway built by Architecture Plus, It's all standard 2.0T Variable cylinder engine +9AT Intelligent gearbox +48V The latest power system of light mix . In the middle of it ,48V Light mixing system also appeared for the first time at the same level , At the same time, the leading technology is advanced , It can also make the power 、 economic 、 A smooth 、 Quiet can be balanced .

Conclusion :

And locate the small... Just needed SUV And compact SUV Different , Joint venture medium-sized enterprises SUV The heat of the market will be higher and higher . Based on the previous analysis, it is not difficult to see , In Tiguan L Today's declining reputation , There are still many models that can show great product advantages .

Friends who like hard driving , Ford sharp did well ; Friends who like designing personality , Peugeot 5008 It has a good cost performance ; And friends who pay attention to luxury design , Then ankoway Plus It's also worth seeing .

For you , Which car is your dish again ? You can tell us in the comments area .

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