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Led by Toyota Saina, a variety of MPVS will collectively appear at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-24 22:15:29 Oriental Information automobile

Due to the short delay of the epidemic 2021 The Chengdu International Auto Show will be held this month 29 Opening day , And previous years SUV Or new energy vehicles account for a large proportion of the exhibition lineup. The difference is , This year's Chengdu auto show has many heavy models MPV The models appear in focus , Still very rare . This phenomenon also shows that although MPV The market has not yet achieved considerable influence in China , But with the opening of the two or even three child policy , as well as 7 The seat model is released 6 Annual inspection exemption policy , These measures are good for families MPV The rise of the market has played a positive role . Therefore, at this Chengdu auto show, we can see that many manufacturers have begun to layout this market segment , Don't hesitate to take out your own housekeeping model , Not only want to seize new market share , Even began to covet the leading brother GL8 Market position of .

GAC Toyota Saina ( First episode )

As the most popular MPV models , Toyota Racing is a long-awaited event , And was given high expectations , It is also recognized as the most promising challenge GL8 Market position models . Although it has never been officially introduced in China in an official capacity , But Saina, which is imported in parallel, has been fighting in the domestic market for many years , It can be said that it is the most familiar new car for consumers . The domestic version of the game is from Toyota TNGA The latest models under the architecture .

In terms of modeling, Toyota Racing is completely a harmless home appearance for humans and animals , There is no business oriented MPV Exaggerated and fierce front face modeling , But the length, width and height are 5180*1995*1765mm, The wheelbase to 3060mm The size of the car body is completely a big guy .

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