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BYD has only 80000 pure electric SUVs, equipped with blade Battery + 30 minute fast charging and "small schoolbag"

2021-08-24 22:20:56 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, I often see people making fun of ,“ Before, I didn't have money to buy domestic cars , Now I have no money to buy domestic cars ”, The former means that consumers with low budget will choose domestic cars , The latter refers to the fact that we can't afford domestic cars now . The arrival of the new energy era , Most car companies are working on the task of brand improvement , We also see the breakthrough of domestic electric vehicles 10 ten thousand 、20 ten thousand , Even 30 Million mark . that 10 Pure electric vehicle market within 10000 , Is it that car companies don't pay attention to it ? The answer is obviously not , Except Hongguang MINIEV This kind of player who doesn't play cards according to the routine , At least BYD yuan Pro It's also a .

element Pro You may feel strange , Dan yuan EV You must be familiar with , After all, Yuan EV Sales for many years , And it often exists in online car Hailing . And Yuan Pro It's yuan EV Optimize the upgraded products , It's just named yuan Pro, And at present, there is no fuel car in the yuan family , element Pro It represents the whole BYD “ element ” family .

The yuan currently on sale Pro Although it's all 2021 models , But the “ Love for life ” and “ A lifetime version ” For the old model , Currently in “ Clear stock ” The state of . The new model has only 3 paragraph , Comfort 、 Luxury 、 Noble type , Priced at 7.98 ten thousand 、8.98 ten thousand 、9.98 ten thousand , Compared with the previous models , The price has been reduced , We mainly talked about 3 models . element Pro Belong to 10 A rare pure electric in 10000 price SUV, How about its product power ? Let's analyze .

In terms of appearance , element Pro The latest in the family “ imperial countenance ” Design , It has a certain freshness . The front part of the car , element Pro Closed air inlet grille design is adopted , Emphasize your identity as a pure electric vehicle , This is different from the previous yuan EV Make a big difference , At the same time, Yuan Pro The front of the car adopts through silver decorative strip , With “ element ” identification , The design is similar to that of byadihan EV identical , Even let yuan Pro It looks like a small SUV Edition Han EV. And Yuan Pro The commendable point is that the standard matrix of the whole system LED headlight , This is quite rare in its class .

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