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How to compare with the new LX? Infiniti qx80 has survived another year

2021-08-24 22:20:59 Oriental Information automobile

To say the most miserable luxury brand now , It's Infiniti ... With a more similar logo , Many netizens ridiculed it as “ Chery King ”, But compared with Chery's sales , Call it “ king ” It's really uncomfortable . But no one else is to blame , After all, the main selling models have been in model year , The opponent has long been replaced , There is a big gap . Judging from the latest news , infiniti QX80 Still updating , But it's not a big change waiting for it , It's an upgrade .

In order to be worthy of “ The new ” These two words , Infiniti adjusted the front face of the car , The headlights on both sides have changed , The grille has also been enlarged . The side and rear of the car still retain the design of cash models , And make minor adjustments in the details .

If the interior is changed, the biggest part may be its suspended central control screen , In its blessing car, it finally returned to the mainstream design . motivation , classical 5.6L V8 The engine is still on the new car , The transmission system is 7 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Although it has been upgraded , But with the coming generation LX There is still a big gap , And whether the car can be replaced smoothly ... After the replacement of the same platform Nissan Tule , To reach a conclusion .

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