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Comparison of high-quality domestic medium-sized vehicles: gillibury vs trumpchi ga6

2021-08-24 22:21:05 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of the times , The progress of car making technology , The models manufactured by domestic independent brands have greatly improved their product competitiveness compared with the past , And all kinds of models will “ Rich configuration ” This fine tradition has been maintained . Besides , Because Chinese people are very interested in “ Big ” The pursuit of , Big man SUV And medium-sized cars are also popular , Today we will focus on the field of domestic medium-sized vehicles , Look at Geely Borui and trumpchi GA6 These two high-quality domestic B How cost-effective is the first-class car .

2021 Geely Borui has launched a total of two configurations , Price range: 13.18~13.68 Ten thousand yuan .2019 Trumpchi GA6 It has 6 Product configuration , Price range: 10.88~16.88 Ten thousand yuan . Today we selected the guide price, which is also 13.68 Ten thousand yuan 2021 Geely Borui pilot version + With trumpchi GA6 Compare the automatic premium version , See who is better in this competition .

Appearance comparison

The appearance of the new Geely Borui has been slightly changed , Among them, the shield shaped forward grille of the new car adopts Geely's new design 4.0 Straight waterfall network design , The internal structure is decorated with blackened elements , The eyes of the universe on both sides LED The shape of the headlight set is quite sharp , Match with the shape of the radiating ports on both sides of the front bumper , Make the whole front face look very fashionable .

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